I think i think

Thats sounds so funny. I think I think too much.

What I really mean is that I think that I overthink. I have been described as analytical. I have never been the type of person who is able to just do. Without hesitations. Without thinking.

Spur of the moment decisions give me so much anxiety.

Am I right?

I over think every little thing.

Did I do that right?

Am I talking too much?

Am I being weird?

Should I have said that?

The list goes on and on and never stops.

Like I am not sure what the purpose of this blog post really is except to admit to all of you and myself….That I overthink.

I thought a lot about creating a blog. I thought what if noone reads it. What if people make fun of me. What if they think I am crazy. But in the end…I decided to do it. Because of myself. Because of my friends and because of everyone out there who is too afraid to speak out about mental health.

Chester Bennington wanted to bring awareness to this. His wife is doing an amazing job of trying to break the stigma since Chesters passing. As a fan of Chester and someone who has been quite annoyed with the stigma. I think we all should work towards breaking the stigma.

If that means talking about it over and over…every single day…even if someone gets uncomfortable. Then lets do it. I try to post everyday. Some days I just can’t. But please. Send in comments. Start discussions. Take to social media.

It’s time we #BreakTheStigma