My anxiety makes things hard. If I fail at anything…. I take it really hard. Like with school. I have always prided myself on being able to teach myself anything. I pretty much coasted thru my senior year without breaking a sweat. So when I just cannot comprehend something I have a breakdown. Literally… There’s tears involved and self hate.

It is sad.

Because no matter how much I want to… I will succeed at everything I try… And I need to learn to be ok with that..

I am not going to lie. This might be one of the hardest battles I will face with my anxiety. Not the only battle but on of them. And I’m not too sure why but sometimes when I fail at something it feels like I am not good enough….at anything.

I am going to work harder to be ok with not succeeding at everything…but if I am going to be honest….it might take some time.