Good for mental health


I don’t know if you can tell that I decided to create this blog because I have a mental illness and there is such a stigma around mental health that it can make it hard to talk about it. That is why I decided to write about it. Write about me. My struggles. My issues. My anxiety. Because not only do I want to lend a hand in breaking the stigma like Mike Shinoda, Anna Shinoda and Talinda Bennington. But I feel better when I write about what is going on. It helps to get it out. I know you all could judge me. But what I have seen from the first time I started writing is that you guys do not judge. In fact, many of you are very understanding because what I am going through many of you have been through.

It is so amazing to know that other than my best friend, there are others like me. And I will continue to write as long as I can.

I find that writing about the things that make you depressed or anxious is a great exercise in the step to understanding what is your trigger. Notice that I didn’t say get better. or fix it. Because I will always have this battle. It is not something that you can just get over. Even though people like to assume that you can just get over it. You can’t. It is just impossible. There is a chemical imbalance in my brain that I don’t know can be fixed.

Writing allows you to describe what is wrong. What happened. And why it made you feel that way. Over time, writing will allow you to define what some of your triggers are. That way in the future, you may be able to either overcome the trigger or identify it so that you can make changes before it triggers you.

Either way, if you have a mental illness…. I suggest keeping a journal of when you have those bad days.

#MentalHealth …. things I wish people knew


There is such a stigma around mental illness. You can barely even talk about it with anyone. Or the mood kind of changes to the point that most people feel uncomfortable. And why? I mean its happens. Sometimes it is the chemistry of our brains that is different that causes these issues and other times it just severe traumatic events…. For me… I think its both. I’ve always been a little ‘scared’ or cautious… even as a 3 year old who was scared to lose their mom. So I found this list of some things I wish people knew about mental illness.

1.) I am not LAZY

This is like a big pet peeve of mine. I get so annoyed when people dismiss my depression or anxiety as being lazy. For one, when I am depressed… I think what is the point? Why bother getting up? Nothing I do today is going to go right. Like constantly dropping something… it’s just one of those days. (I sometimes feel like telling you guys about my depression will make people think I am a bad mom… I swear I’m not… my girls are the most loved, well taken care of little girls I have ever seen… a day does not go by that I don’t hug them and tell them how much I love them.) Another thing is after an anxiety attack… I feel so drained that all I want to do is lay down. I am thankful that I have such wonderful people in my life that I can call on when I need to recharge. I also read somewhere that having an anxiety attack is as taxing on the human body as running a marathon.

2.) I’m not always confident.

Actually… to tell you the truth.. I am hardly ever confident. I am constantly feeling like someone is judging me.  Maybe because they are… .they usually are. Having a mental illness can make you feel like everyone is watching you even when you’re in a massive crowd.

3.) Sometimes I’m more stable but I’m not cured

Just because some days I seem ok… I seem happy… I seem confident.. or I seem like just another person doesn’t mean that I am somehow cured. I am not.. None of us are…really.. I mean I wish there was some magical cure for a mental illness but theres not. I wish people would know that having a mental illness is like being on a roller coaster constantly. sometimes we’re level and we’re having fun and then we hit the double loopty loop and you’re freaking out.

4.) I have bad days…even with meds

So… I am currently not medicated… and that comes from an insurance problem. It is a long story. But even for that little bit of time that I was medicated.. I still had my bad days. Just because someone with a mental illness is medicated doesn’t mean they’re not going to have a bad day.

5.) It hurts when you’re ashamed of my diagnosis

It does. I mean I feel like you’re ashamed of me for having issues. Like somehow I am wrong or not worthy of love because I have these problems

6.) Don’t say ‘it could be worse’

Please don’t…. usually this will only make my anxiety higher and I start to think of how it really might be worse… you’re putting ideas in my head…. Plus.. while this might not be real to you… it is very real to me..

7.) I know who my support team is and I love you

I have a wonderful husband and mom who understand that things can be difficult for me at times… I might end up organizing the house a hundred times in one day because it soothes my anxiety… and then those days that I just need to recharge. my mom will come help with the girls so I can take a rest…. I once slept for 14 hours because I didn’t take the time to recharge. If you have any issues… please have a support team. It is important.


So guys…. what are some of the things you wish people knew about mental illness….