Top 10 favorite movies

10. Selena

I absolutely adore this movie. And have cried at the end every single time since the very first time I watched it as a kid. Selena was an amazing person. She was beautiful with an amazing personality and a voice that was perfect. I loved the movie and still listen to her music to this day even tho I am no verse in Spanish.

giphy (3)

9. Dead Pool

I love Ryan Reynolds. He was born to play Deadpool and I love to watch the movies deadpool. Except they’re not kid appropriate so I have to be careful when I watch them.

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8. Anything Wolverine

I love marvel. I love all of the marvel movies, well most of them. I love Wolverine.I can watch any of the wolverine movies anytime He is one of my favorites and the fact that Hugh Jackman plays him…. Swoon. I mean just look at this gif.


7. Sweeny Todd

I love musicals as long as the story is there. This is Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. I absolutely love their collaborations and could not wait for this movie to come out on DVD and I watched it….. over and over and over and over again.


6. Benny and Joon

OMG. I loved this movie. It was so cute and I loved Johnny Depp in this movie. He was amazing. I can watch this movie over and over and never grow tired of it. This is the movie that is the reason for me knowing the song 500 miles. “I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more, just to be the man who walked a thousand miles….”

benny and june

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

I love the series, I really do. And I have seen them all. I have seen pretty much anything with Johnny Depp in it. However, the first one still holds a special place in my heart. It is the movie I went to sleep watching every night when I was in the 7th grade. It is the movie that I memorized almost every single line. It was an amazing movie. And I just adore Captain Jack Sparrow.


4. 10 things I hate about you

Gah, who didn’t love Heath Ledger?!?!?! I adored his adorable smile. His bad boy appearance. His accent. And I was a fan of Julia Stiles. I also loved save the last dance which also started Stiles. But this is one of the few movies that I can watch over and over without being tired of it. And the poem towards the end, still makes me tear up.


3. TMNT Secret of the ooze. 

Who doesn’t love a good TMNT movie??? I loved the second one even better than I did the first, the third or the remakes. I also love the fact that ernie reyes jr had a role in the movie. I also laughed hysterically at this scene in particular.


2. Drop Dead Fred

This is one of those movies that was very indie. Not a lot of people know what it was about or even ever heard of it. When I find someone who actually sees this movie, I freak out. It is really something that was dark humored.


1. Surf Ninjas

Oh this is one of those movies that not every one knows about but I loved just the same. I was infatuated with Ernie Reyes Jr. as a kid and watched this movie whenever it came on.


First TV series

As a part of my journal process to a better me, a better mental health and a better grasp on my anxiety disorder I cannot just write about what makes me tick. Simply because it could lead to me going in circles only thinking about what my anxiety is, what it does to my life and never getting out of this dark gloomy circle. So what better topic than to write about the first TV series that I watched from start to finish.


If that little gif doesn’t tell you about the first show I watched from start to finish….well then you might not have ever seen the show Charmed. It came out in 98-99 I believe. I happened on it by chance. I was actually a few episode late but I watched reruns. I was sick one day and my mom was tired from working a late shift so she told me to lay on the couch and watch TV. If I felt too sick, to wake her. But when she went to take a nap, I didn’t have a fever anymore and I wasn’t puking in awhile. So, I got to spend my day sipping soup and fluids watching TV. If you’re a kid, you know that kiddy cartoons are only on for so long. Since I couldn’t find any cartoons that I hadn’t seen more than once or that could keep my attention, I decided to start channel surfing. Which I actually have a really bad habit of because I was never a fan of commercials.

Then I happened on this show. It was strange, it was different. It was GIRL POWER. It had me hooked from the very beginning. I mean what little girl doesn’t love a show where the girl is the badass and the guy is usually the damsel in distress. I loved it and Leo. I loved the Piper and Leo love story and how they were destined to be together, no matter what destiny threw at them. And I always wanted to find my Leo……spoiler alert… I did.

I remember waiting for the episodes all the time. I couldn’t be bothered. And if for some reason I didn’t get to see it, I watched the reruns. or found some other way to find it. I actually didn’t mind when Prue left and Paige came in. I mean Prue’s death and the way it hit Piper really hit me hard and made me cry. Charmed was the first show that made me cry. Like bawl my eyes out for a fictional character death.

Well then in the later seasons, the future kids came into play. Who didn’t have a crush on the Future Chris and Future Wyatt.


Yeah I was your typical teenage girl with a crush on Drew Fuller and Wes Ramsey. This show was everything I could ever ask for in a show. And I hated when it ended. So I desperately wanted the DVD set. So that I could watch it whenever I wanted. But I could only find the first season at a cheap price. So I watched it on TNT in the mornings when  I could. Then Netflix came about and they had all the seasons on there. I remember when I first got a Netflix account….it was the first thing that I watched. Over and Over and Over.


So what is the first show that you watched….start to finish? Do you still watch it? What made you like it so much?

Stand Your Ground!

Because of my anxiety, I kind of let people push me around. I am one of the most helpful people around. I literally help anyone I can. To the point that people take advantage and abuse it. That is usually when my husband steps in and is like hey they’re always asking you to bail them out and you’re always there to bail them out. How will they ever learn? Which is true and when I sit back after that conversation and reflect on things… I usually then stand my ground and say hey, no more.

Something happens when you become a mom. Your whole world shifts for this little person you created. And you become a momma bear. Have you ever made your mom mad? So mad that you see a vein come out in their forehead??? yeah. That is when you know its for real. Well thats where this story ends up at. My momma bear instincts coming out full force.

Here’s a little back story….. I have been with my husband going on 9 years. I am of German and Irish decent. I have a German temper and Irish rage as my brother puts it. So when my husband and I decided we wanted to be more than friends, I let him know that I am a bitch. Because I am. I can be really bitchy. I let my anxiety push me around which allows others to use me but when I get to my breaking point. I am a BITCH. full force.

Now, 9 years later my husband and I have two beautiful daughters. We’ve been married for almost 3 years and we are a team. We’re a pretty solid team at that. I’ve always gotten along with my father in law and only recently my mother in law. Now my FIL (father in law) is remarried and I always got along with his 2nd wife who happens to be my high school best friend’s cousin. So I thought that was cool.

My FIL was always fantastic with my oldest daughter. Ever since she turned 1 he would come see her at least once a month. He would have her over at his house. He’d take her to the park. Out to eat. you name it. And since she started school…..he would eat lunch with her whenever she had a day off.

So because he’s so great to her. I have let things slide. Because he makes some rude comments etc. However, one person can only take so much. So when he started canceling visits because only my youngest daughter was at home…. I started getting angry. He is point blank showing favortism and that isn’t right. My husband and I believe that both girls should be treated equally because neither is better than the other.

After about the fifth time of this happening… i couldn’t keep my mouth shut. So when he texted and said we’ll come another time when the oldest is there. I had it. I said what is wrong with the baby that you can’t come see just her??? You take the oldest out to eat, to the park and you eat at school with her. I said ‘we don’t show favortism and if you would like to continue seeing them I would suggest you don’t either.’

Which got me the response of basically him saying ‘come on now you’re better than that.’ In a complete condescending tone.

So I had it. I was done. I told him that for the future if he wanted to see the girls he would need to make arrangements thru his son. I am a grown adult. And I should be treated as such. His comment basically saying I am lesser of a person because I called him on his shit pissed me off. It brought out the momma bear in me.

I let it go. At that time. I was done texting him and I was done changing our plans to make sure they seen the girls. You see my oldest loves to go to her granny’s every weekend. My mom comes over during the week to see the girls and whatever. So my mom gets a lot of alone time with the baby when the oldest is in school. On the weekends… my oldest goes to my moms to have her alone time. Which I think she needed since the baby was a baby and needed extra attention. So I would post pone going to my moms or change the weekend plans all around so that my FIL and his wife could come see the girls for 20 mins. Yeah. That stopped. Momma bear was mad and Momma bear will protect her kids no matter what.

Well the other day, I was outside doing some yard work and my kids were sitting on the porch being extra cute. So I took the opportunity to snap a photo. They’re just so darn cute. My FIL’s wife decided to steal the photo and post it on her own facebook. That would have been fine. I wouldn’t have cared. Until she commented under my copy of that photo saying when can we see them.

I calmly and politely said Please feel free to contact my husband to set up a date and time. Which then prompted her to put our personal family business all over my cute photo of the girls. Using caps like she is a teenager throwing a tantrum saying We are keeping the girls from them and We are wrong and they did NOTHING wrong. So I said please private message me as this is a family matter and should not be posted on a public forum.

So she did. and threw an even bigger tantrum. I mean a serious tantrum. Yelling at me. Saying things like WHY CAN’T WE SEE THE GIRLS!!! Why are you treating us this way etc.

It was awful.


And you see. My anxiety made me sit there and re read the messages and retype the messages over and over because I was afraid of saying something wrong. Thank you anxiety. My anxiety and my husband kept me from going full bitch mode. Even tho I really really wanted to. Just because my FIL shares DNA with my kids does not give him or his wife any….and I mean any rights to them.

What finally hit the trigger and made my anxiety go ‘well let her have it’ was when she told me. We WILL be there THURSDAY and we WILL have a visit with the girls. Basically telling me what she’s going to do at my house. MY HOUSE!

I mean my anxiety will make me do a lot of things. But it will also allow me to be a complete bitch. But my husband asked me to be nicer than I wanted to.

Yes, anxiety makes it difficult for you to stand your ground. For you to stand up to those who push you around.


when it comes to your kids. Momma bear instincts come right on out. LET THEM! Stand your ground. Do whatever you need to do to protect your kids.

I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal. favortism. But I was the favorite growing up with all my grandmothers. They loved me more and treated me different because I was the only girl. And I got a lot of shit for it too. It caused some resentment from my brothers and cousins because they had to clean or do something and I didn’t.

So I will not tolerate my girls being shown favortism over each other. It’s not right.

And this momma bear has her teeth shown and her claws ready.