Even broken crayons color


I am a firm believer that whatever we go thru has made us who we are. I am a champion. I have taken this saying from a Fall Out Boy song called Champion. Because it says…”If I can live thru this… I can do anything… Champion, Champion…” I have gone thru a lot and I am still here. I am still standing. I am still breathing. Some of the things that we can go thru can break us down. Tear us apart… and leave us battered and bruised… But let me tell you. even broken crayons still color.

I think we are all a little broken. I have a friend who is very cynical. He likes to be that kind of person who says things like we’re all dead inside etc. Although he may be broken, he is still one of the brightest crayons I have ever seen. He is a vivid color. And he shines brightly. He paints a smile on everyone’s face that he comes in contact with.

So if you’re feeling a little beaten down and broken… it is okay because you are still a bright crayon in my book.