Grocery list

Being a stay at home mom, I typically do all the shopping. Even when I worked 8-5, I still did all the shopping. Sending my husband to the store is awful.

I remember a few years ago, I sent him to the store for some eggs. He came home with drinks, cereal, frozen food and some other things. Pretty much everything except eggs. So when I absolutely have to send my husband to the store, I send him with a paper list of the exact items that I need and then I send him the text of the exact list of what I need. It is kinda a big deal.

Since my husband works 10 hours and we’re still in the school year, I try to get the store thing done in the morning. There are some things that are always on the grocery list. Such as:






Those are just some of the essentials that are pretty much on every list. However, I typically meal plan. Something about knowing exactly what I need for the month helps keep me calm. Therefore, I make sure that I get everything that isn’t to perishable. Things that expire quickly, I typically get the week of.

What is on your grocery list?