When you hear the word cheerleader, typically people think about the group of girls who cheer at basketball and football games. Usually, if you have seen enough movies, then you will think they are the snobby type of clicks.

However, as you grow older, you realize your cheerleader is far from those snobby type of stuck up groups. As you grow, you come to realize that its those friends you make that are constantly rooting you on. Constantly hoping you will win rather than fail. Even if you’re winning before them. They are the ones that constantly wanting you to succeed.

I have quite a few cheerleaders, in fact. I am very fortunate and lucky to have such an amazing support system. Not only for the things I am passionate about but for my mental illness as well. My mom has always been the strong point of the family. She was super strong when she left my father and raised us three kids all by herself. She is always supporting me when I try new things. Always telling me that I will ‘get it’ when I feel frustrated or flustered over things. She is always willing and able to help out where ever she can.

My husband. Oh my goodness. My husband is such an amazing cheerleader for me. He lets me experiment with many things. Like when I wanted to start crafting, he was all for it. When I feel bad about spending money on my hobbies, he makes me feel better. When I think that my things are not so great, he tells me what is great about it. He is always cheering me on and supporting me. Which is why supporting him with his dream is so easy.

My kids are so amazing when they cheer me on. I started sewing. something that I have never learned before and am now teaching myself. When I made them dresses, I thought they could be better. I thought they were not of great quality. I thought they should have been better. The girls loved them. The girls called them their princess dress. The girls wore them as long as I would allow them. They loved the dresses and would not stop talking about them. My oldest always says ‘you’re the best mom’. And it warms my heart.

My friends. I have three friends that are my cheerleaders. One is a wrestler like my husband. I actually met him thru my husband but he is constantly rooting me on. Telling me how talented I am and that I need to believe in myself. We talk a lot of crap to each other but that is how we show that we care. Then I have two female friends. They’re moms like me. And we’ve opened our craft business together. They have done certain parts of the crafting a lot more than I have, so I am learning and they are always in my corner. We cheer eachother on as much and as often as we can. It is great.

Life is tough. Having a mental illness doesn’t make it any easier. Having a cheerleader in your corner is very beneficial all the way around. I would like to hear about your cheerleader. Who do you have in your corner?

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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