Places I want to visit

So sometimes I like to take time to create simple post. Little posts that are that heavy. Light hearted posts. So today, that is what we’re going to do.

Today, we’re going to have a list post. Top 10 places I would love to visit. (Although I highly doubt that I will ever visit them because PLANES. terrified of flying)

10.) Disney world.

Because….well disney world. It is every childs dream to go there. And I honestly don’t think that it is fair that my brothers went to Disney Land before I was born and I never got to.

9.) Hollywood.

I know that it can be overhyped. But everyone in my family has been to California and I haven’t. My mom used to shop on Rodeo drive when she was young. She grew up in Cali. My oldest brother was born in LA County. I would just love to go see what it was like.

8.) Liverpool, England.

I love The Beatles. I mean LOVE. My dad used to look like a young John Lennon when he was young. Big nose and side burns and all. It was crazy. I grew up listening to everything Beatles and Michael Jackson and more. So I when I heard that there is a Beatles museum in Liverpool….. That is one place that I would love to go to.

7.) Ireland

Just to listen to the accents. I mean YAY. Have you heard Finn Balor or Becky Lynch talk?

6.) Scottland.

Again for the accents. Just think Gerard Butler.

5.) Germany

Oktoberfest. I think that would be an extremely fun event to attend. And I would be able to explore a big part of my heritage as we are strongly German.

4.) Corpus Christi

I love the Movie Selena. And I love the singer Selena. It would be amazing to go to the birth place of Selena, walk thru the museum of Selena. There is also a festival every year in her honor. How cool would it be to see that, to be apart of that. OMG and Chris Perez ❤

3.) Orlando, FL

Because the training center for WWE is there. It would be amazing to just tour the training center see how the things work. See how they put shows together etc. I am a nerd for wrestling I know. I mean what can you expect. My husband is training to be a pro wrestler. HES AMAZING

2.) Aberdeen/ Seatle Washington

Because…..well….. Kurt Cobain. Do I have to say anthing more? I mean I am a child of the 90’s. I am a lover of the grunge. I love Cobain’s throat scream in the unplugged version of My Girl. It is amazing and gives me chills.

1.) Idaho.
Because a big portion of my familiy lives there and I haven’t been there in over 20 years. I miss them dearly. If I wasn’t afraid of flying and flying wasn’t so expensive…. I would go back for a visit.

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