How do I pack for a trip


We don’t take many trips. However, when we do…. I have a habit of over planning.


I don’t know about you, but I cannot do last minute anything. If it is last minute, I have a massive anxiety attack. I also have an anxiety attack if I am late. So when we plan a trip, I pack early.


For instance, we took an anniversary trip. Just me and my husband. Only over night. However, I packed our suitcase almost a week before hand. I bought everything that we needed months leading up to our trip. You see, we actually planned this trip in November. By December I had already booked our hotel and paid for it. Three weeks before the trip I got the suitcase out of storage so that a week before the trip I could pack.



Usually I pack one or two extra outfits because well you know life happens. However, for this specific trip I didn’t.  However, I took my kids and my two nephews to the beach for a day trip and well….. I over packed for that trip. I mean literally over packed. They had their swimsuits, they had the outfit they wore there and they had an additional outfit. We had like two things of sunscreen an umbrella a chair for my mom toys snacks and drinks.

That is how I usually do my trips. I over pack. When we go to this festival every year, I have a backpack.  I’ve only ever been to this festival with kids so I always have to be prepared. This trip, its a day trip we leave about 8am get home around 8pm, I have to be prepared because the place itself is expensive. So my backpack usually consists of diapers, drinks, snacks (even tho outside food is not allowed) Wipes, a sippee cup, and a baggie with about 4 or 5 pairs of my husbands old socks. The kind he doesn’t wear anymore.

That sounds weird right?

Toting around old socks.

I’ll explain it to you.

This event is an outside event, there are no restrooms. Only portapotties. And you don’t want to sit on those seats. And My kids don’t know how to hold themselves over the potty. Considering I have had back issues for the last 3 years today, I cannot hold them over the seat. It just hurts way too much and I got a lot of walking to do. So I use socks. My husband wears the long socks. The kind that come half way up your calf. So I take his old socks that he don’t wear anymore and slip them on the seat. Therefore, she can easily sit on the seat. After she is done, we just toss the socks. I’ll refill the bag when I get home. Its a great plan. And I try to always keep a pair with me. They’re clean socks because they’ve been washed. He just don’t wear them anymore because they’re old or some reason.

I am an over planner. I have always been an over planner.  When we go for a weekend trip like we did for my moms birthday. I figured we would be there 3 nights 4 days. Therefore we each had 5 outfits just in case. We had my camera for memories. I packed snacks. I bought travel toiletries. I packed the drinks the kids like. I packed books and toys for them to play with. I packed medicine because you never know when allergies or a cold is going to hit. I always make a check list for the packing before and then I make a copy of the check list so that I can check it off before we leave where ever we are.


you could say, I am a little OCD or obsessive. It drives me insane how others, cough cough (my brother) waits til the last possible moment to pack.


How do you pack for a trip?

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