Bad habits


I have had many bad habits in my  relatively short 20 some years of living.  Many of which I gave up without hesitation. However, there is one habit that is the hardest to kick.


It use to be just Dr Pepper. But it has since grown to include other soda’s like Mt Dew Code Red and Pepsi Cherry Vanilla.

I have been drinking soda since I was 8 or so. Yeah I know its unhealthy. Yes I know a child shouldn’t be drinking soda. That is also why the only time my kids drink soda is when they’re sick. I’ll mix sprite with pedialite. The bubbles settle their stomach and the pedialite gives them back the electrolytes they’re missing from being sick.

I have tried to stop drinking soda. It was awful.  Caffeine withdraws are awful. I get a migraine. And it only stops when I get more caffeine. I’ve tried waiting it out for a few days. But then I just want more caffeine. So when I slip, I become more addicted to it than before.

Now I have tried to substitute coffee and tea for the caffeine that I am missing by not drinking soda…. However, that only last for so long. I grow tired of tea and coffee. Which is very weird because I am from the South. We bleed sweet tea.

So I can doubt that I will get this habit completely gone.  However, I have found a solution. I can drink my soda….as long as I get my daily water intake in as well. So that makes it a little healthier because I am trying to reach a goal of drinking 64 fl oz of water a day. Thats the 8 cups that are recommended.  So I have these 30 fl oz bottle of Core water. So I can drink 2 of those a day and then 4 oz more and will be at that goal. So in between my water I can have a small can of soda. That way it’s kind of balancing out.


Or at least that is what I tell myself so I won’t feel so bad about my bad habit.


What habits do you have? Why won’t you give them up?

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