First TV series

As a part of my journal process to a better me, a better mental health and a better grasp on my anxiety disorder I cannot just write about what makes me tick. Simply because it could lead to me going in circles only thinking about what my anxiety is, what it does to my life and never getting out of this dark gloomy circle. So what better topic than to write about the first TV series that I watched from start to finish.


If that little gif doesn’t tell you about the first show I watched from start to finish….well then you might not have ever seen the show Charmed. It came out in 98-99 I believe. I happened on it by chance. I was actually a few episode late but I watched reruns. I was sick one day and my mom was tired from working a late shift so she told me to lay on the couch and watch TV. If I felt too sick, to wake her. But when she went to take a nap, I didn’t have a fever anymore and I wasn’t puking in awhile. So, I got to spend my day sipping soup and fluids watching TV. If you’re a kid, you know that kiddy cartoons are only on for so long. Since I couldn’t find any cartoons that I hadn’t seen more than once or that could keep my attention, I decided to start channel surfing. Which I actually have a really bad habit of because I was never a fan of commercials.

Then I happened on this show. It was strange, it was different. It was GIRL POWER. It had me hooked from the very beginning. I mean what little girl doesn’t love a show where the girl is the badass and the guy is usually the damsel in distress. I loved it and Leo. I loved the Piper and Leo love story and how they were destined to be together, no matter what destiny threw at them. And I always wanted to find my Leo……spoiler alert… I did.

I remember waiting for the episodes all the time. I couldn’t be bothered. And if for some reason I didn’t get to see it, I watched the reruns. or found some other way to find it. I actually didn’t mind when Prue left and Paige came in. I mean Prue’s death and the way it hit Piper really hit me hard and made me cry. Charmed was the first show that made me cry. Like bawl my eyes out for a fictional character death.

Well then in the later seasons, the future kids came into play. Who didn’t have a crush on the Future Chris and Future Wyatt.


Yeah I was your typical teenage girl with a crush on Drew Fuller and Wes Ramsey. This show was everything I could ever ask for in a show. And I hated when it ended. So I desperately wanted the DVD set. So that I could watch it whenever I wanted. But I could only find the first season at a cheap price. So I watched it on TNT in the mornings when  I could. Then Netflix came about and they had all the seasons on there. I remember when I first got a Netflix account….it was the first thing that I watched. Over and Over and Over.


So what is the first show that you watched….start to finish? Do you still watch it? What made you like it so much?

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