Don’t work for me


So Yoga is the newest health trend going on recently. Or at least what I have seen. It is like everywhere I turn, someone is doing yoga, thinking about yoga, or suggesting yoga.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with Yoga. I like it. I really do. I try to do it every day. It is great for my sore back and hips. It really stretches the joints out that are stiff. It is great.

However, I cannot do yoga for my mental health.

Whenever I try to explain to someone that I have anxiety with a slight depression, there is always someone who thinks that I should try yoga and meditation to relax and clear my mind.

Oh how I wish.

How I really wish that I could clear my mind. I wonder how it feels to have nothing going on up there. I have tried meditation. I have tried only thinking about my breathing. I have tried to not think about everything else.

I have tried.

But yoga and meditation just don’t work for me. At all. I am either thinking about my kids. Or some other random thought just randomly slips into my mind. There is no end to the constant turning of wheels in my head.


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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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