People don’t change

This is something that I am finding to be true in regards to my in laws. I swear they are acting extremely childish and even going as far as saying ‘I will see you’ like what in the world.

All because we have stopped catering to their wants of only seeing the oldest child when and how they want. It is unfair to our younger kid and they do not even recognize that they are doing it. They actually have turned it around and blaming our oldest kid, that because she has come to me and saying that she knows that she is their favorite is why we’re being this way. Mind you she came to me way after I called them out on it. I hadn’t even mentioned it to her. But she had been asking and talking about favorites for a few days so…. it make sense.

But I cannot actually say that my father in law has changed. Because well my husband isn’t surprised about this. My mother in law, my FIL ex, isn’t surprised bout the way that they’re acting.

However, to me, since our youngest was born, it is completely new. I mean when our oldest was born, she was the light of his life. I swear he was the most doting grandfather I have seen and I haven’t really seen many grandfathers since both of mine passed away before I was 9. I mean he was always taking pictures of her. He was always texting about her, even when I was pregnant. He wanted to know how she was doing. How the pregnancy was going etc. When she turned one he wanted to take her to his house to the park out to eat show her off to his family EVERYTHING.

But nothing about the second kid. He never even asked to take her anywhere. At all. Not even when she turned one. it was like she doesn’t matter. And since I was the favorite out my siblings. I know how much resentment can build up over one child being a favorite over the other so I am very against this happening. So of course I call him on it. and well all of this has happened.

To top it off….. he has even questioned the manlyness of my husband. Implying that I am taking my husbands phone and texting him…..when I have my own phone and no desire of taking my husbands.

But this is all new to me. But It isn’t new for him to be this way. Everyone else isn’t surprised. He hasn’t changed. He has just revealed himself for who he really is. And now I wish I didn’t waste all my time catering to him over the years because now…. we’re apparently ‘dancing with the devil’ because we have stopped letting them see the girls until they apologize for being disrespectful to us as the kids’ parents.

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