Parent Horror Story

Every story has a beginning.

Every story has a middle

A climax

An ending

A moral

A message.


Well every parental horror story has almost the same exact beginning.

“I stepped away for two minutes”

my friend stepped away for two minutes and her 3 year old tripped and broke his leg. It is a weird clumsy story. He asked his mom for a drink, she turned to get it. he got up and tripped over his own DS cord and broke his leg.

My mom stepped away to go take a shower and my oldest brother was cleaning his room when he was playing with a toy (he should’ve been cleaning) when the toy broke and part of it hit me in the head busting my head open.

So one of my ‘I stepped away for two minutes’ story goes like this.

I stepped away for two minutes, not even that, to grab the wipes and my kid somehow got her diaber off and was covered in her poo as was my floor and the wall behind her. so while it’s not as gruesome as the other two examples I gave. However, it was pretty gross and had everyone laughing.

The parent has some downs either you feel like you’re being a bad parent or you have gross things to deal with and they have some amazing ups


My kids room

I have said a lot of things my anxiety causes and things that cause my anxiety.

And a messy house is one thing that causes my anxiety.

Every morning, if my house is a mess, I can know automatically that my day is going to be an anxious one. And if I am too tired the night before, I might not clean before I go to bed. If I go to bed without cleaning then I start my day by cleaning while my oldest is getting ready for school. Like I did this morning.

Well I am pretty good at keeping the parts of the house that I mainly reside in clean. However, I want to instill responsibility in my kids so their rooms i.e the room the girls share and the room that is their temporary play room is what they have to clean.

Everyone thinks oh wow you have a play room you must be rich. Hahaha that’s funny. I wish I was rich. No I have a decent size house for 4 people. We have a playroom because I have two girls under the age of ten so they are at that age where they can peacefully share a room. Therefore, the 3rd bedroom would normally be empty until my oldest wants her own bedroom. So instead of being empty, we placed all their toys in there and that is where they go play. Toys are not in their room or any other part of the house.

This allows me to keep some type of order in the house.

Now while I keep the rest of the house clean, the girls are suppose to keep their rooms clean. My youngest is 2 so it is kind of hard to get her to understand cleaning entirely especially since she wants to play with the toys.

With that being said, my kids room has two modes. It is either clean or looks like the closet sneezed. A tornado hit. the toy volcano erupted. Whatever phrase you want to know.

My kids are supposed to know that before bed, about 7 pm ish, they are supposed to clean up all their mess. However, as my oldest has said many times when I get onto her, ‘you didn’t tell me to clean it’.

So while I am doing all my other responisbilites and all my other tasks, I am also supposed to remember every single day to remind my kid to clean up.

Now if you have a mental illness like anxiety and you’re doing everything else of a stay at home mom, you know that some things slip thru the crack.

Like reminding your kids to clean their play room.

Even though the oldest should be at that age to remember to clean.

So on the days that it is clean, my life is easier. My anxiety is not as bad. Now that is not saying that my house being clean is the sole reason for my anxiety.


If that was the case then I would never be anxious because I keep a pretty clean house compared to some people I know.

There are many factors to my anxiety. I don’t even know all of them.

I think to fully understand my anxiety, I would need to be put under hypnosis and someone would need to fully imerse in my thoughts, pasts and everything going on thru my head.

However, a clean house is just one of the ticks in my anxious head. An unclean house is like a metaphor for my anxiety. chaotic.

So, anyone know how to help a child undestand and remember to clean up their toys? I mean other than the threats of throwing it all away???