I know that kids repeat every single thing that you do. Especially my 2 year old who has learned a very colorful word from the Fall Out Boy album thanks to her wonderful, although selective, hearing.

Which also makes it a bad thing that I can be the ‘drop the f-bomb kind of mom’ well not actually the F bomb. That is harsh. That would be everything falling apart kind of bad. It’s more like hell, damn or shit.

My oldest kid knows there are some words that mommy uses when people are idiots on the road that she cannot repeat. Yeah, I have quite a bit of road rage. I mean when someone drives 25 mph on a 45 mph road that you cannot pass them or constantly slamming on their brakes, you tend to use a little bit of colorful language.

However, I am trying very hard to change my colorful language from bad words to silly words or other things that the kids wouldn’t get in trouble for repeating. Like heck doggone or shiitake. snake skin. darn. dungbeetle. holycow.


I am of Irish, German heritage although there are other countries mixed in. I am loud. I am verbal. I have colorful language. I am constantly working on becoming a mom that doesn’t drop the f-bomb. but maybe the occasional one will slip up. I’m not perfect.

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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