Raising Kids


Have kids, they say. It will be fun, they say.


No, I’m joking.

Raising kids is a walk in a park.



Jurassic Park!

I’m only half joking. Have you seen a two year old throw a temper when they are not ready to be awake from their nap? Or a six year old who cannot find their security blanket? (stuffed animal) It is like the dinosaurs in the movie only the kids don’t bite or eat you.

They do, however, eat a lot. Especially when they go through  growth spurt. They do make a mess. They can take a clean organized room and make it look like a tornado like the one in the Wizard of Oz has blown through in matter of minutes. They can argue for hours straight over who gets to play with the toy. They can fight over what bed time movie they’re going to watch. They love playing in mud and will not think for a second before tracking that mud through your freshly clean floors. They do whine and complain through dinner because their food is touching or they don’t like the way the hot dog looks even tho they love hot dogs. And when they’re babies. No one warned me how bad diapers can smell. I understand the basic concept of what goes in must come out. However, apple sauce goes in, manure comes out. It is pretty awful.

And this is just a little of the stuff no one tells you when you’re pregnant. They tell you about all the good that happens. They don’t really tell you about the difficulty of being pregnant. The swollen feet, the constant need to pee. The cravings for weird things. The uncomfortable sleeping positions. The kicks to the bladder. Then there are even more downsides if you’re a high risk pregnancy. All of that doesn’t even include the labor. Although I had a pretty simple labor for both my kids, all natural. My sister had two very long labors. They’re painful. They’re tiring. It is a lot of work.


But it isn’t all bad. The good actually out weight the bad in every single category. I wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything in the world. They drive me insane, but are also my reason for living. I was meant to be a mom. They make my life hectic and complete at the same time.

So, yes raising kids is a walk in a park. Jurassic park. But it is a journey worth taking.

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