Not to play

Oh this is so true right now.

The only way to play with a toxic person is to not play.

so everyone knows what is going on with my Father in law and his wife

Well it has escalated to the point that my usual quiet husband has decided to get verbal. He has sent a few text messages calling his dad out about the issues and apparently it is so far fetched that my husband would actually say anything to his dad at all.

Because my FIL texted back saying I know how my husband text and how I text and that it was obviously me texting. So when my husband texted back that I wasn’t the one on his phone….my FIL told his son to MAN UP.

Seriously. This grown man told his grown son to man up because we called him on his favortism. And the fact that he treats the older different than the youngest. And the fact that he has recently began blaming the oldest for all of the issues that are going on.

let me repeat that for those who didn’t hear it.


so momma bear is pissed off.

But after discussions and rants we have come to realize that they are toxic and that the only way we are going to win….is if we stop playing with them.

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