What you know needs to be done

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I thought it was amazing to be an adult. I couldn’t wait to grow up. Not to have a curfew. No adult to answer to. I didn’t have any rules. You know there was always that time as a kid where you thought it was going to be so awesome to be adult.


Being an adult isn’t so great.

So being an adult in my twenties, there is still this part of me that is like a kid. There is that saying that says you’re only as old as you feel.

So sometimes, I act like a teen. Especially when it comes to concerts. I get really giddy about concerts.

However, I have a lot of responsibilities and chores that have to get done. Every single day. And it is so easy to get distracted.


I have the attention span of my toddler. I am so easily distracted it isn’t funny.

So if I don’t use discipline then I won’t be able to complete everything done.

Therefore, discipline is doing what you know what needs to be done even when you don’t want to.

Like laundry. I don’t mind washing laundry. I don’t mind putting the clothes from the washer to the dryer. However, putting up the laundry. I hate doing it. But I know I have to.

Or dishes. I hate washing dishes. And I use to just let them pile up in the sink til my husband caved and washed them.

I mean, who really likes to do dishes or laundry? Who gets joy from doing these things??? I don’t. but I really have to use my discipline my stern like mother-ness and make myself do these things. Because, honestly, if I don’t do it…no one else will.

It also helps that we now have a dish washer 🙂 that makes dishes easier.

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