hardest part of parenting

Being a parent is hard

It can be really hard. there are decisions you make that you don’t really want to make. There are things that you have to do. You have to be the bad guy. There are just a lot of things that come along with being a parent. I have told many teens I know that if you’re not ready to be a parent, then you shouldn’t have sex.

It is not something you should take lightly.

Sometimes kids do or say things that you really have to keep a stern face. It is hard to be mad. But you know you have to be. You know you have to discipline them but what happens is so hilarious that you end up laughing later.

So my nephew…

When he was about three.

Walks into the living room where my mom, my brother and myself were watching tv and just talking. This cute three year old comes in and looks at his dad and says ‘damnit is a bad word’

Now internally I am laughing my ass off.

(at the time, I wasn’t a mom yet) I knew my brother really needed to discipline his son so I knew if I started laughing then my nephew wouldn’t understand the true weight of his words.

Sometimes, they do things that makes it hard to be mad.

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