One unsupervised minute

Being a mom is so amazing. You never know true love until you have a kid. or at least in my opinion. I love being a mom. I love my kids. They are so amazing and so far they make motherhood easy. Ask me again when teenage years have hit.

However. kids can be so terrifying. Many people think the most scary thing is holding a newborn. I mean it can be, because you’re scared to hold them. However, I have been around kids for a very long time so by the time my kids were born I was a natural. I was like here you wanna hold her. Go ahead.

What I think is the most scary thing about kids. Is their unsupervised moments.

In a perfect world, you’ll be hovering over them every second. You will know everything that they do. Right?

But lets be honest. Mom’s are human. Even tho we act like we’re superhumans. We get a lot of things done in a daily basis. The kids are always running to us. However, we do have to do things like change clothes or go to the bathroom. We can turn our head for one second.


the kids

will find something. Put everything in their mouth



draw all over the walls.

So here is what happened in my one unsupervised minute.

The kids were playing and I was half playing half watching. When I needed to go get the girls some water because they asked me too. I already had their little bottles of water on the counter which was right at the end of the hallway. It took less than 2 minutes to get up, leave the room and grab both waters. (by the way my 2 year old can drink from a water bottle and loves water which is so awesome because my oldest wont drink water unless we make her) Within that unsupervised minute or two, my two year old had found a marker and drew all over the halway wall.

now that doesn’t seem like so impossible. But we had already been thru the play room and removed every writing utensil that we could find. I mean we moved furniture cleaned out toy boxes everything. so i am not sure how she found it. or where she found it.

She also colored so much of the wall in that little bit of time and also managed to take her clothes off and color all over herself.

Toddlers are amazing in what they can accomplish in one unsupervised minute. It is usually more than most adults can complete in one day.

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