Did anyone have a birth plan when they were pregnant?

I didnt.

Both of my labors were fast and unexpected. My first being a premi weighing just over 4 pounds.

But what I knew from the beginning and throughout my entire pregnancies was that I didn’t want an epidural. My aunt had one and has had side effects ever since. My mom had three kids with no epidurals at all..ever. And I was an 8 pound baby. Talk about a champ.

When you’re getting to the end of your pregnancy, they tell you what to expect. They prepare you. They offer you an epidural.

There are even books they suggest to read.

But what they don’t tell you.

There is no epidural for motherhood.

There are no magical drugs to numb you to the pain that you feel dropping your kid off at school for the first time. Nothing to numb the pain you feel when they scrape their knee for the first time.

Or when they hurt your feelings. Or when others hurt their feelings.

There is no epidural for motherhood.


At all.

The pain or emotions you feel don’t just stop when your kids pass into adult hood. There are many things that transpire after their 18 birthday that can hurt your feelings. Like them not needing you as much anymore. Or no longer hearing from them as often.

Sorry for the random post.

What are your opinions on the emotions with motherhood.

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