Inappropriate song lyrics

This is a topic that I just recently went thru.

I have a two year old. as many know as the terrible twos.

I have the recent Fall Out Boy CD and I love it. However, I don’t blare music when my kids are in the car because I need to have full listening capability in case of anything.

So I have it down at a low volume.

And obviously my kid has some super hearing capabilities because I overheard her singing along to the first song on the FOB cd

It goes something like

“Can you smell that shit, can you smeel that shit….”

So now my two year old has learned to the word shit…

cue hand to face

cue head drop

cue oh crap

but somehow she took it from that song and put it into the correct context.

Because I didn’t know she knew the word until she had pooped.

She walked up to me with a grin on her face and said ‘i shit’. I quite literally fell off the couch onto the floor and my jaw was missing from being opened so wide.

Now I pay very close attention to every single lyric of every single song in my car and will skip over any that has any form of vulgar language.

one of those mommy moments.

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22 thoughts on “Inappropriate song lyrics”

  1. I had (note the word had) a playlist on my IPod that I haven’t changed for years. I am happily singing along to it, not really noticing, when a song comes on and my son pipes up with mummy that man said a bad word. I tuned into the song just in time. Its London Underground by the Amature Transplants. If you don’t know it, its on youtube. Do not listen to it if you are offended by really bad swear words or there is a small child within five miles of you

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      1. Glad I could help 🙂

        My son learnt swearing from me driving, I found out when we stopped at a roundabout and he yelled out use your f**king indicators.

        I stopped swearing after that and using words such as peanut in place of it


          1. My oldest understands that there are words mommy says that she can’t or as she says until she’s as big as me’ my two year old however…. she’s a spitfire

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          2. I keep thinking my son does then he comes out with things such as That was really shit. He uses it in the right context. I put myself in a time out the other day for yelling shit. I did just hurt my hand, so I had an excuse, but I can’t have him falling over at school and screaming shit in a very loud voice


          3. The sugar honey ice tea is one I use when like something big happens like something falling. Shiitake is stubbing my toe haha or something similar

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