One more time

As many of you know, we have had issues with our my in laws.

While the final blow was the fact of favortism. It started way before that and I kind of just let it slide because I bite my tongue so hard it is a miracle that I still have a tongue at all.

Some of these comments are about my husband working all the time and doing dishes while he’s at home. I think the real thing was something like *to my husband* Do you always do the dishes. or my favorite one. In a conversation between me and my in law, I had said something about being exhausted and the in law looked at me and said ‘what do you have to be exhausted for’.

That one pissed me off. I am not even going to sugar coat it. I was pissed. I was ready to go off. Full blown bitch mode. But my kids were in the living room with us and I bit my tongue so hard I thought I tasted blood.

Because don’t you know that being a stay at home mom is easy.

I honestly believe he thinks all I do all day is sit on my butt all day watching TV.

I wish

I mean I do have the TV on all the time. But only because I don’t like silence when I am home with just my kids because my anxiety makes me paranoid. This is also why I play things like Gilmore Girls that I have seen a million times, nothing in that show is a trigger. At all. So it is something simple that I can put on for the noise and get my stuff done.

So this goes out to anyone who has anything against stay at home moms.

Ask me one more time! what I do everyday.

And I will back up that stay at home moms are the backbones of the home. we do not ever get any recognition. And I can say that we deserve a lot of recognition.

So I will go over a basic day. Monday thru Friday

6 AM- wake up, check the calendar to see if my kid takes lunch, if she does pack it.

6:30 AM wake up my oldest kid and start her getting ready for school

6:45 AM wake up my youngest daughter. This is a task in itself because my two year old is in that stage called terrible 2’s. Some days are good some are not so good. I found the trick is to have her a sippy of milk or water ready when I wake her so that she gets distracted by wanting something to drink to the point that she’s not cranky.

6:55 AM make sure everyone has their shoes. If it’s cold, start the car

7:05 AM Make sure everyone has their shoes, coats, lunches, backpacks etc

7:10 AM leave the house

7:20 AM pick up my neephews for school

7:25-7:30 AM in the school line for school (we get here early so that the kids have the chance to eat school breakfast)

7:45 AM me and the 2 year old get back home

8 AM breakfast time for the baby and me (this depends on my mood as to what we eat, sometimes its eggs sometimes its yogurt)

8:30 AM we’re usually done eating by now and the kid is watching an educational show or playing and its time to start cleaning.

9:00-11:30 AM between these times, my mom shows up. She comes over almost everyday because she doesn’t have much to do at home. She is disabled and wants to move around so she comes over to play with the baby so I can get stuff done. and to move around so that her body doesn’t deteiorate anymore.

9:00-11:30 AM Since my mom is over, I can run errands without having to get the baby in and out of the car, I can finish cleaning, I can shower, I can do my school work. I think in the past year, I have only took a nap during this time once or twice and that is because I was sick or didn’t sleep the night before.

12:30 PM I get ready to head to the school pick up line

1PM in the school line working on blog or school work.

2:30 PM school lets out

2:45 PM drop my nephews off

2:55 PM home from school, going through my daughters bookbag

3:00-3:30PM its homework time for my kid. I oversee make sure she understands what she has to do.

4PM start dinner

5PM-6:30PM Husband arrives home, we all eat dinner

7PM kids are playing or cleaning up

7:30-7:45PM bath time for the girls

8-9PM run around the house and clean up. get things ready for the next day. Load the dishwasher pick up dirty clothes, work on more school work.

8:30PM time for kids to brush their teeth.

9PM time for the kids to go to bed

9:30 PM make sure the kids are in bed

10PM lay down try to rest. Get up a million times to make sure the kids are ok, the oven is off the lights that should be off are off the doors are locked etc

11PM right about here I fall asleep.

my alarm goes off at 4 AM 4:15 AM 4:30 AM 5AM 5:30 AM 6AM 6:30 AM 6:45 AM. So just because I get up at 6 doesn’t mean I don’t wake up. I wake up every morning at 4 am to tell my husband hey the alarms are going off. he has to be at work normally at 6 AM so he leaves by 5:20 AM sometimes he has to be at work at 4 AM it varies. So I always wake up to make sure he locks the door and has everything he needs etc.

So please, aske me one more time what I do in a day.

On my lazy days, I hit 5 thousand steps a day. On my hectic days that number is close to 20 thousand. My mother in law (my husbands parents are not married anymore) has asked me many times after hearing or seeing everything I do, ‘how do you even get your school work done?’ or she’ll tell me that I need to rest.

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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