Parent Horror Story

Every story has a beginning.

Every story has a middle

A climax

An ending

A moral

A message.


Well every parental horror story has almost the same exact beginning.

“I stepped away for two minutes”

my friend stepped away for two minutes and her 3 year old tripped and broke his leg. It is a weird clumsy story. He asked his mom for a drink, she turned to get it. he got up and tripped over his own DS cord and broke his leg.

My mom stepped away to go take a shower and my oldest brother was cleaning his room when he was playing with a toy (he should’ve been cleaning) when the toy broke and part of it hit me in the head busting my head open.

So one of my ‘I stepped away for two minutes’ story goes like this.

I stepped away for two minutes, not even that, to grab the wipes and my kid somehow got her diaber off and was covered in her poo as was my floor and the wall behind her. so while it’s not as gruesome as the other two examples I gave. However, it was pretty gross and had everyone laughing.

The parent has some downs either you feel like you’re being a bad parent or you have gross things to deal with and they have some amazing ups

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