Momma Bear is ready to bite

So as you guys know. We’re having a lot of issues with our in laws.

Now let me clarify, its my father in law and his wife. Not my husband’s mom. It is his step mom and he doesn’t even classify her as such.

Okay so…..

Here we go


So over the weekend. the step mom decided recently to steal one of my photos of my facebook page and post it as if she took it herself.

So we asked her to take it down. She said why. We said we didn’t give you permission to use it. So out of spite…she reposted it. Childish right.

So the caption was ‘my beautiful grandkids’ so we kindly pointed out that they’re not even her grandkids.

Since I seen that we wouldn’t get thru to her at all I texted my FIL and said she didn’t have any permission to use any of the photos that we took. His response was since it was on a public profile (my facebook is private and the only way she could see it was because she is on my friends list) and that even child molesters could take the photo and use it as they wish. (so is he equating his wife to a child molester???)

He then went on to say he doesn’t understand why we are treating them so bad. Even tho I have explained the favortism thing multiple times.

I never told our daughter about our argument so she didn’t know anything about the favortism. However, not too long after the argument…she came up to me and said that she knows she is her grandpas favorite because he does everything with her and nothing with her sister. So when a child can tell you that they know they’re the favorite….the favoritism is there!

So I explained to my FIL that. And he proceeded to say he never said he had favorites that its just something my kid made up. he then went on to say he didn’t understand why we were treating them like criminals over something a child had said.

So now he’s blaming all of this on my kid…. A kid he’s throwing a fit about not seeing.

Uhm….in comes momma bear.

I kindly told him to stop playing the victim.

He then informed me that he has printed all of our correspondants and will show them to my grils when they get older to show them how wrong me and my husband are.

What I got from that…


Is that they’re going to deliberately try to poison our kids against us because we called them on their bullshit and they started throwing tantrums.

This all started because my FIL would try to make plans the day of or even hours before to see the girls. My oldest goes places. She goes to my moms. She goes to her other grandma’s. She goes to my brothers. She has school functions. I have changed or postponed many of the other family events to accomendate them.

Now if he would try to come when my oldest was already gone, I would say okay but the oldest isn’t here only the baby. Numerous times he has cancelled his visits because it was only the baby (toddler)

Where is that fair?

There is a five year difference between my kids. My oldest got all the attention for five years. So how come the baby doesn’t get alone attention as well? When I called my FIL out on this the first time… he blamed me. I don’t offer to let him take her. I don’t offer to bring her to his house. I don’t stop whatever I am doing to make sure that he spends equal amount of time with both of his grandkids.

Since they’re being kids…and reacting in such a way. My anxiety is on high alert to the point of being prepared. I am prepared for them to react. I am prepared for them to put up a fight and I know they will.

Don’t poke a momma bear by messing with her cubs. You might not like the bite.


So what are your thoughts??

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