I Should Be Excited but….

Okay so a few months ago it was announced that the Warped Tour of 2018 will be the last warped tour ever.

Which was devastating!

Because I have never been to one and neither has my husband.

So what did we do? Well my husband picked up so hella overtime so that we could spend the hellacious amount to get the biggets warped tour tickets ever. You know the one that includes the custom made vans. Which I was super excited about because I am a skater shoe kid since about 2003. That comes from the fact that I don’t like female shoes, they’re either too flashy or way to uncomfy. And plus my brothers both use to skate.

Which I have a funny story about the middle child, my brother who is about 5 years older than me trying to teach me how to do an ollie when I was like 10. So we’re on our small ass porch which was concrete. The only concrete that we had at our house because our driveway was gravel (there was one time my mom told my brother to see if the drive way was icy or not and he slipped and busted his ass in the most hilarious way) So I am on this board and it is a miracle that I am able to balance myself because I have the WORST balance ever. EVER I mean I have fallen up stairs. I have fallen down stairs. I have sprained one ankle and fractured the other. So He’s holding on to me trying to help me get the hang of kicking down with one foot while sliding the other foot to the other end of the board. Okay so with his help I can kinda get it. So for some god awful reason he decides to stand away from me and let me try to do it by myself…….. Well I get the board up in the air, but I am crashing to the ground. And I guess I kicked my foot to the other end of the board sending it flying. Flying straight towards my brother…. Where it hits him in the crotch…. I never tried to learn that again. Especially not with my brother. HAHA.

But I personally just enjoy the roomy and comfort that skate shoes has. They’re cushiony and roomy and like little hugs on my feet. So when we were able to get the tickets that included the vans shoes I was estatic.

Then came the unbelievably long wait for the line up. I am Eastern Standard Time. So I had to wait for March 1st 3 PM PST…..which is about 6 pm my time. Then I had to look up my city where the tour will be held and who do I finally get to see

None other than SIMPLE PLAN!!!!! I mean who doesn’t have a soft spot for Pierre?!?!?!? I mean he’s hitting 40 soon and looks the same as he did many years ago. Simple plan had so many songs that I just could relate to. Like SHUT UP…. oh my god! that song came out right at the exact time that someone in my family nit picked every single thing I did. And they weren’t nice about it. Like I wore a lot of black. I was a fat kid in middle school. Black is a slimming color and I was kinda emo. I mean my bands at that time were Simple Plan, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Good Charlotte if you get my drift. I had that emo hair flip down pack. I had my bangs just the right way for that flip. But I was a blonde. so it was kinda weird. My mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair til I turned 16. So this person always said you should wear brighter colors like pink. You need pink clothes. why doesn’t your mom buy you girly clothes. Or you shouldn’t hang out with so and so. You shouldn’t watch that Johnny Depp movie so many times. You shouldn’t listen to that demonic music. I mean the list went on and on and on and on and on. So shut up was that song that I would play whenever they were around in the hopes that they would get the hint to just shut up!!!!! but they never did. They still throw things in my face or say I’m wrong or I’m changing my history to make me the victim. But now… I just don’t listen. I won’t let them get under my skin anymore.

I am getting so far off track from what I want to say. I don’t know what it is about this blog that I just feel comfortable to go off on these tangents about my past and what I have been thru.

So I should be excited about going to the warped tour but

i have anxiety. Like major anxiety and crowded places make me feel claustrophobic. I only know 2 bands at the tour and thats 3OH!3 and Simple Plan. And I only know like a handful of 3OH!3’s songs. I think maybe 3 songs.

I actually bought my best friend and her husband the regular tickets so that they can go. They were going to buy their own tickets but life got in the way and they didn’t have the extra available when the tickets went on sale so I just went ahead and bought them for them. Why? because! Because although my husband is the greatest person ever in regards to understanding my anxiety and how to help me cope somewhat, my best friend has anxiety too and we kind of balance each other out and help eachother out of the attacks together. So I think having them there will be a great thing in helping me cope with all of these random people around me in the dead of summer in one of the biggest cities of my state. And I absolutely hate this city with a passion. No one know how to drive or act and they’re always so rude. Unfortunately we travel down there quite often for WWE events or Concerts. In November I went down for the Fall Out Boy concert (so amazing) and then less than 2 weeks later I was there for WWE SmackDown. Which I knew I had managed to get front row seats for my husband as a gift but I didn’t know that we were going to be right there at the corner of the ramp and ring which was so amazing. I have actually gone back and rewatched that episode and found my husband and I. He actually blended in while I decided to wear this off the shoulder white sweater and stood out from everyone else with my red ass hair.

Again….off topic. sorry guys. Its apart of my attention problem. I get distracted extremely easy and end up telling like 5 stories in one.

So I figured maybe I wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable if I go ahead and plan out what I am going to wear… a Panic! at the disco tank top, capris and tennis shoes (not the custom made vans) I already know what bag I am taking and since the concert is in between our anniversary of the day we got together and our wedding anniversary, we’re going down the night before and staying in this nice hotel to celebrate our anniversary. 9yrs together 3 years married. So I think not having to drive an hour + in the warped traffic to get there (we’ll be about 10 mins from the venue) will help with the anxiety because it increases with driving. its the driving home after a 10 hour day in the sun that is going to kill me. We’re not going to get home til about 1 or 2 am. I sure hope I remember to grab coffee on the way home.

But I thought I should look up some of the other artists that are going to be there which there are going to be about 40 bands total. Holy hell right.

It is in this search that I found the band ISSUES. OMG. I cannot believe I have not heard them before. I mean I might have heard the cover of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend but I never listened to any of their other music.

So if you have made it this far in the post… look up these songs by issues.



Never Lose your Flame

Slow Down (that music video is intense)


and so many more.

Also….if any of you have any advice on how to cope a massive gathering type of concert, its outside with like 6 stages please let me know….

As always thank you guys for caring and reading what I have to say. You guys are amazing!

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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