Music Review: Three Days Grace

Okay so I was working on a blog post for tomorrow and I get this notification on my phone. (Because I have a blutooth keyboard I can write posts while I am sitting pratically anywhere) It said that Three Days Grace had a new album. And I’m like ‘WHAT?!?!?!’ because I didn’t even know they were working on new music. That is how oblivious I have been lately. Which is pretty bad. But I have been listening to TDG since their first album. I mean hell I relate I hate everything to my brother. And when they changed singers I wasn’t sure how I would feel because the old TDG was so good and I related to it so well and it was the perfect voice for what I was going thru at that time. I mean come on who doesn’t love Pain, It’s not too late, etc. But either way.. I am pretty excited about this album.

Right Left Wrong:

Now I am basing the song order on what YouTube has it as because I haven’t gone and gotten the CD yet.

Already, hitting so hard. yes I agree. Sometimes I just wanna run away too. If this is the first track on the album then it’s going to be a good album cause this song has just enough guitar/drums and vocals. Neither are over powering the other.

Something about the lyrics. The thought of just keep moving on. It speaks to me. This is a great song. I know there are many people who keep complaininabout Adam being gone but I mean the band that they are now is just as good if not better.

Right left wrong

The Mountain:

After listening to the lyrics on repeat. This is my 3 time thru. The lyrics are so damn perfect. I can seriously relate it to my anxiety. that I will keep climbing the mountain.

And what is great is that this song doesn’t sound like the prior song. That is like a big turn off for me is if the songs all sounds similar. There are numerous combinations for you to play a song on an instrument. It is wonderful when a band can change it up. (For instance Panic At The Disco always changes their sound)

The mountain

I am an outsider:

YESS YESS YESS YESS YESS YESS Thank you!!! I am an outsider, I have always been an outsider and I have NEVER cared about the in crowd.

This. This right here is why I love this genre. Every genre has their sterotype. This genre is usually classified as loud and just noise. But What I love about this type of music especially this band is that they write songs that everyone can relate to.

I am an outsider


I think this is a love song. Which is not your typical love song. Either way I love the guitar on this one. I use to play a little bit of guitar. I was never really good at it. The only song I was good at was Brain Stew by Green Day but that is one of the easiest songs to learn on guitar. I am the type of person who sings really loudly in my car to the songs and I dance too in my car…. I know I am weird.

This is going to be one of the songs I sing in the car. I also think I am going to send it to my husband to see if he can get the love part from the lyrics which I doubt because he doesn’t really feel music the way I do.


Nothing to lose but you:

This band is killing me with this album. Accoustic??? Soft guitar… Drums are heavier than the guitar. The lyrics. Matts voice. God. This is. I am speechless. I love this song.

It kind of sounds like the older TDG but the new one at the same time. It’s the guitar and the atmosphere of the song. It’s like the best of both bands. Which is awesome.

Nothing to lose but you

Me against you:

Oh wow! Starting the song off with dark, deep, raspy vocals. I think I just swooned haha. What is it with 2018. The music is so good so far. I mean MANIA was the album I was waiting for by Fall out Boy and love every single song but this is coming up to be another album that I can listen to every song. I don’t know about you guys but there are very few albums where I just love every song. This Is one tho.

Me against you

Love Me or Leave me:

Well this is change of pace. But it is still good. This song is completely different that the rest of the album.

Love me or leave me

Strange Days:

That guitar at the beginning of the song is so amazing. And the drums just compliment it. I know Matt has amazing vocals and all but I just can’t help but pay more attention to the guitar than the lyrics which is very strange for me because I am usually a lyrical person.

Strange Days

Villain I’m Not:

Already feel like I can relate to this song and its only 5 seconds in. Automatically thinking about a time when I was the villian even tho it wasn’t my fault. Where was this song 5 years ago. This might be one of my fave on this album

Villain I’m not

Chasing the First time:

This one feels really heavy. Like bass heavy. I am kind of worried how hard it would hit my speakers haha. It also kind of reminds me of Chalk Outline. Which was a really good song that I could relate too. But the lyrics on here make a lot of sense as well and you can relate it to other things.

Chasing the First Time

The New Real:

This is an interesting song. I mean I kind of like it and I kind of feel like it has to grow on me. In my personal opinion. The lyrics don’t match the guitar. The lyrics sound more pop or punk rather than this band. I don’t know its just my opinion. I think I could see Simple Plan or someone like that singing this.

The New Real

The Abyss:

I think my favorite part of this song is the scream. I am a sucker for that.

The Abyss

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