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We live in an age where being fit and having the perfect body is what you’re supposed to do. I remember being a teen looking at all these magazines thinking I was the fattest cow in the history of teen girls because I didn’t look like that.

Because I was fat. Because I was chunky. Because I wasn’t a size 0.

And as I grew up, this ideal of stick thin is still constantly being pushed down our throats like some sort of medicine that we need. There is no spoon full of sugar to make that ever okay.

Yes, if you are a size 0 it is okay. It’s perfectly fine. But if you’re not a 0, that is okay too.

What society is doing to an entire generation is causing mental issues because we are not who we see on the cover of magazines. And what those magazines don’t tell you….is a lot of the time they use photoshop to gain the perfect picture. To remove cellulite, to remove blemishes, to make their arms and legs skinner and to make them tanner.

We’re promoting this stick figure as the perfect physical health. That if we exercise more and eat better than we can obtain this idealistic perfect physical health that makes us look like that.

Uhm, no thank you.

Because what you’re promoting is turning an entire generation into low self esteem kids who might turn to anerxic methods or bulemic methods to obtain that idea of perfect. Which is causing so much more mental issues than not. And what this promotion doesn’t do is provide information on how to do things that won’t cause mental damage. They’re not providing methods to make sure that our mental health is okay. they’re pushing that physical health is more important than mental health and it is not.

Being a chunky is okay.

Let me repeat that. BEING CHUNKY IS OK. in case you didn’t read that.

Your mental health is just as important as your overall physical health. Because how are you going to be happy wearing a size 4 if you damaged your mental well being by convincing yourself that you won’t be pretty until you are that size?!?

Okay….now I am fat. I really am. According to the doctor’s charts I am obese. But hey…. having 2 kids in 5 years and a major car accident during a pregnancy which cause back and hip issues make things hard to do. Certain exercises I cannot do because it is just too painful. I am trying to lose weight. I am about 4 sizes away from where I was in high school so I am working on it

But I am that point in my life where I would rather keep my physical and mental health equal. that doesn’t mean that I am okay being fat. What that means is that I am not going to obsess over being thin to the point that looking at myself and seeing all the fat and cellulite and stretch marks will make me hate myself. Which I mean I already have a low self esteem but I don’t believe that losing a crap ton of weight will make my self esteem any better.

Which is what a lot of people are doinng these days. They think hey if I just lose this weight, if I just lose 50 more pounds then I will be happy, I will be more confident. It won’t happen that way.

If you have that type of mind set, you will always be miserable with yourself and your mental health will only decline.

I know this seems like a big rant about the media portrayal of healthy. But I promise its not.

What I am trying to say is that in your journey to a healthier you…take time to make sure that your mental health is okay too. Because if you’re just focusing on your outer appearance… your inner self might be breaking….

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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