Sweet and Sour Chicken

I realized I haven’t posted a lot of recipes in a very long time. Well technically it’s only been a few months.

So I was in the mood for sweet and sour chicken. Except I didn’t want to go to the only decent chinese place here in town to order the food. Because well even with it being the best in town….it lacks a lot.

So why not makes something myself right??? And Even though my brother thought I was a lunatic for trying… I did make a sweet and sour Chicken casserole and I am happy to say…there were no left overs


What I used.

1 pound of chicken breast tenders cut into cubes



corn starch


red, yellow and orange bell peppers

2 bags of boil in bag rice

A jar of Sweet and Sour Sauce that I got from Lidl

a couple of eggs

So I put the oil into the pan and let it heat up while I cut up the chicken and mixed the flour.

I put the flour and cornstarch in a bowl with seasonings. Then I beat a couple eggs in a separate bowl to do a egg wash.

As usual.. you put the chicken in the egg wash then the flour… After that. you put it in the hot oil and let it fry.

I put the sauce into a baking pan. So that I could transfer the chicken straight over once it got done cooking.

The thing I love about boil in bag rice is that I can put it in a bowl full of water stick in the microwave for  ten minutes and its done. The picture of the rice below….After it got done in the microwave I drained the water into my strainer. to try to get all of the water out.

I put the bell peppers into the frying pan and after that started cooking, I put the rice in with it.

Once everything was done I put everything into the baking pan and mixed it together, Baked at 355 for about 15 minutes. Yumm

P.S I love you



Okay…. I admit… I love this movie. I really do and the book makes you cry too.

And it is a scary topic to think about. You want to cry. I mean especially if you have a mental illness…..

In my case. Death terrifies me. I am worried about how my kids will live on and my husband. What if I die before my mom. Could she handle it? What if they are devastated to the point that they cannot cope. I wouldn’t want my kids to feel that way. I would want them to be strong. But I couldn’t guarantee that if I was dead. This is something I fear a lot. Like I want them to remember me. I want to be with them forever.

But other than my kids…. who else would remember me? No one. I am not a memorable person. I have had no big impact on this world. Hell, you guys might not even know what I look like.

But as usual I am off topic… to an extent. Damn attention span.

Now I watched the movie before I read the book and I just can’t logically comprehend the logistics of this story.

For one. aren’t the characters made out to be barely making it financially? Then how could Gerry plan such extravagant plans after his death.

Now I can understand the letters. That can be written well in advance and plans can be made with people to disperse them at certain times. But the trip to Ireland. If you’re considering the financial standings that they’re supposed to be in…. Then how could Gerry plan such a trip to Ireland. I mean I would literally like to know. I would love to go to Ireland and just listen to the Natives talk. I would never come home. That accent is like angels whispering in your ear. Irish and Scottish  are my two accent weakness….and Hugh Jackman but he’s from Australia… so he’s an exception.

I do love the movie and I love the book. I mean I am a hopeless romantic at heart. However, I find it kind of insensitive how fast she dealt with this tragic death and how fast it was pushed for her to move on romantically. Honestly. I mean if anything happened to my husband. I would probably take years and years and years before I could possibly move on. Even that would be incredibly difficult to deal with. I mean I’ve been with this man for 9 years. And I knew I wanted to marry him six months into our relationship.

I understand this is the movie business and they only have so many minutes to tell their story but the tie line for grieving a husband drives me insane.

Just another random rant

Rain and Axiety

Now I can only talk for myself.

And I know I say this over and over

Only for the fact I don’t want anyone to feel like I am trying to talk for anyone other than myself. We are apparently in a world where everyone is very sensitive to what is written or said. Sarcasm and jokes are a thing of the past. Everyone seems to take everything so literal.

But I’m getting off topic.

This post is about something in regards to anxiety. and driving. and how it makes me anxious.

And here’s the thing. I am always anxious when I am driving. Not because I am a bad driver. It’s not me that I am worried about. NO!!! it is the other drivers. The ones who don’t take in to count the conditions of the road or their car. Because too many big vehicles are deciding it is okay to take a sharp curve at a fast speed. Faster than the curve sign suggests. Because they’re obviously in a hurry. Because obviously the place they’re trying to get to won’t be there if they don’t speed. And those are the cars that over calculate or under estimate their car and the curve. Big cars are top heavy if you’re going to fast on a curve…you will tip over.

But I am always anxious because I was in a wreck. On a sunny morning. At a stop light. Because a 20 year old…not even legal to drink…was drunk and high on multiple drugs and off of his seizure medication at 8 in the morning. Seriously! 8 AM. Like how or why would you be that wasted first thing in the morning.

Again I am off topic. This is about the rain. “It can’t rain all the time” But when it does.. I hate. I mean absolutely HATE driving in the rain. It seems like (maybe just in my town) that the crazy’s all flock to the road ways in the rain. And they cannot drive. They wait til the last minute to stop behind you, they are doing running stops. I mean the whole thing makes me completely anxious.

I don’t like going out in the rain. And it has nothing to do with the rain itself. Its the driving. And if I do have to go out…. I refuse to take my kids with me if I can. The roads when wet can be slippery especially in winter. So why would I sanely put my kids in the car with crazy people. The wrecks total triple during rain. So I feel like I would be putting them at a bigger risk by driving them unnecessarily in the rain.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t take them to school or the doctor in the rain. That’s just crazy. I mean if I want to run to the store because I want to bake a cake… I won’t take them with me. It’s also because….HELLO it is still winter and the rain is cold. We have dealt with enough sickness and a cold rain is just calling for another cold. Nope I will just let them stay home with their daddy while I brave the stupid.

Speaking of which. When it rains….Wal-Mart gets busier… WHY???

Let me know what you think in the comments.

And as always….thank you all for letting me vent

All the small things

I know I usually post about what a crap day I’ve had or the anxiety issues I’ve had….

But not right now


This is one of those small victories.

You know the kind that make you feel good

That brighten your day



I had a crap day yesterday. We rescued a dog and thought it was going to be a great fit. He’s cute. He’s calm. He’s house trained. But he always seemed to be jealous of our toddler. He took food from her. He kind of growled at her when she was eating. Easy fix right? You can train a dog to not do that or at least put him up when it’s time for us to eat.

All of the jealousy I could handle.

I could deal with it.

What I couldn’t deal with is him trying to bite my toddler when all she was doing was watching tv on the floor. Not near him. Not bothering him. I somehow managed to get a hold of him before he could bite her and it sent my anxiety thru the roof. I started shaking and sobbing once I had put him up. Like how did I get there in time? What if I hadn’t? Like I said crap day.

So I had to go to the store anyway to buy supplies for my older daughters project and seen that there was a clearance on clothes. Because of course in the middle of February they bring out spring crap.

Uhm…..its still cold.

So I bought pants in my anxiety mess because idk. Honestly i. Don’t. Know

So this morning I take a shower and decide I’m going to wear one of the new pants that I had gotten only to realize I had bought a size smaller than I normally get.

And they fit.

Now any other mom out there knows that after your second kid…its a miracle if you can get back to your pre kid weight.

And since the wreck….exercising is difficult…

If I do too much…im in pain for days. So I really have to be careful and listen to my body.

Which means I’m fat.

According to the weight charts in all the doctors offices i am obese.

Its depressing to even think about.

But it’s the truth.

But I’m not going to let that stop my win for today. I fit in a smaller size than I’ve been wearing. Yeah I still have 4 sizes to go to be back to my high school weight but hey….this is my victory.

And it is the small things that matter. That can mean the most. As Brandon Lee in the crow said:

“The little things use to mean so much to Shelley. I use to think they were kind of trivial. Believe me nothing is trivial”

Here’s the link to that quote in the movie nothing is trivial

Failure Alert!!!


It is amazing how something as simple as a 1st graders school project can make you feel like a failure.


Last week my daughter brought home that paper that tells you it is time for a project.

That dreadful paper.

This one said that our little kids would need to take a soda bottle and turn it into a famous person.

Now in my head… I have this amazing picture of how I want it to be.

But what is in my head and my ability to create anything…..is absolute crap.


I am the least artistic person in the entire world.

So I decide that for the clothing that this bottle is supposed to have for this project will need to be sewn.

I have sewn two things in my life. This project being one and a pillow for my ex being another. Both have been a disaster.

But I do it anyway because I love my daughter. And it is a miracle I did not stab myself with the needle.

I cut down the only size foam Walmart had to semi resemble a head and it is still too big for the body. So now the guy looks comical. Yay me.

I paint it and get paint all over my hands. I feel like I am a five year old in a grown persons body when I am painting. Ugh!!!

I hot glue the clothes to the bottle and put the arms on. Now I still have the shoes and legs as well as pants to put on but decide I will finish it when my kid gets home.

But then I look at it. I photograph it. I send the picture to my mother. And she starts to tell me little things that could be changed.

As if I didn’t already feel like shit about it.


It is amazing that a small little project can make me break down. Bawling. Wanting to sit in my bath tub with hot steamy water cascading over me. (Which honestly I did)

I don’t want my child to be embarrassed by this project. I don’t want my kid to get picked on because I honestly cannot create a simple project.

I worry how my kid is going to see the project. I worry how her teacher is going to grade it. I worry about the other kids picking on my kid. I don’t want her to be bullied because I am honestly a failure.

It is funny how a simple project can make you feel like you are a failure as a parent. I want her to turn in the best work she can. I don’t want her to get a bad grade because I suck. I swear if she comes home with a bad grade because of this project… I will probably hole up in my room for a month. Honestly. I am not joking.

I don’t know how to not feel this way.

It is weird how a simple project can remind you….

I am pretty much a failure at everything.

I played the flute in school….never made first chair.

I tried guitar….. I know one song and can barely play it right

I like photography….but I am constantly reminded that my cousin or father in law are better than me… Seriously… My daughter had a camera and was taking picture of my father in law and my step mother in law made the comment how my daughter might be a great photographer like her grandpa… Uhm… I do photography too. But of course every one forgets me.

I imagine art… I can’t create it.

I like to cook….only half my food is a hit.

I like to blog… I don’t put out great material. I am obviously not a writer.

I was hoping I could get a job at home since I do so much every single day. Being a stay at home mom is no walk in a park. But I can’t find anyone hiring and all the jobs I apply for…. I never get… another FAILURE.

It is just one of those nights where I want a pint of ice cream and a bottle of wine. But one kid is at my brothers and the other is awake so no drinking for me. And I say no drinking with my older kid at my brothers for the fact that I like to remain sober when my kids are awake and not here because there might be an emergency and I don’t want to be that parent that either drives drunk or says I can’t make it because I’ve been drinking.


Sorry for the rant guys. I am happy to say I now have 85 followers. It is pretty amazing that at least 85 people want to read what I write. You guys are awesome

Beneficial for Mental Health

So I used to love to take baths. A tub full of hot water, some candles and my laptop with netflix playing a binge worthy show like Gilmore Girls. It was a great way to relax. Which was fine because my oldest was just learning to potty train and had a separate potty that could be set in the hallway for when I really needed some down time. And my youngest wasn’t born yet.

But then my youngest was born. We had to take quick showers in between feeding, nap time, dirty diapers and making sure that the oldest didn’t feel like she was being replaced.

So now my favorite thing is a hot, steamy shower.

And I like to take the in the mornings because well I can get one in when my toddler goes down for a nap. The oldest is at school and it frees up the evening for my husband to get a shower and my girls to get their baths. Have you ever tried to get 4 people in and out of a shower between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm?? And keep a decent amount of hot water? It is not easy. Especially since I like the hottest amount of water and I stay in the shower for a while.

I know, I shouldn’t. I should conserve water. But I am not always in the running water. Sometimes I just sit there. in a steamy room and collect myself.

Mornings for me are the best way to do this since I typically remember my dreams very vividly. I can wash away last nights dreams and prepare my mental armor for the day ahead. It gives me time to prepare myself for any errands I have to run and anything that might come my way.

I haven’t exactly looked up any research about steam showers and mental health. But personally I feel it helps.

Also, since I do have kids…. I can cry in the shower from my anxiety and NO ONE knows. So I avoid questions like whats wrong or why are you crying and I can avoid explaining that mommy just feels anxious.


I love showers.


What about you?