Beneficial for Mental Health

So I used to love to take baths. A tub full of hot water, some candles and my laptop with netflix playing a binge worthy show like Gilmore Girls. It was a great way to relax. Which was fine because my oldest was just learning to potty train and had a separate potty that could be set in the hallway for when I really needed some down time. And my youngest wasn’t born yet.

But then my youngest was born. We had to take quick showers in between feeding, nap time, dirty diapers and making sure that the oldest didn’t feel like she was being replaced.

So now my favorite thing is a hot, steamy shower.

And I like to take the in the mornings because well I can get one in when my toddler goes down for a nap. The oldest is at school and it frees up the evening for my husband to get a shower and my girls to get their baths. Have you ever tried to get 4 people in and out of a shower between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm?? And keep a decent amount of hot water? It is not easy. Especially since I like the hottest amount of water and I stay in the shower for a while.

I know, I shouldn’t. I should conserve water. But I am not always in the running water. Sometimes I just sit there. in a steamy room and collect myself.

Mornings for me are the best way to do this since I typically remember my dreams very vividly. I can wash away last nights dreams and prepare my mental armor for the day ahead. It gives me time to prepare myself for any errands I have to run and anything that might come my way.

I haven’t exactly looked up any research about steam showers and mental health. But personally I feel it helps.

Also, since I do have kids…. I can cry in the shower from my anxiety and NO ONE knows. So I avoid questions like whats wrong or why are you crying and I can avoid explaining that mommy just feels anxious.


I love showers.


What about you?

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

2 thoughts on “Beneficial for Mental Health”

  1. Yes, I am 100% with you! Taking a hot shower is definitely one of the ways that I relax and decompress. I deal with anxiety just by personality, but my struggle with it is significantly heightened by chronic pain that I live with. And that chronic pain really likes hot showers 🙂 Like you, I probably drain the hot water tank significantly, but it’s worth it. Journeying through anxiety can be enormously difficult (I’ve written about some of my own struggles with it on my blog). Sometimes, especially if my circumstances get really difficult, that fear and worry can feel so paralyzing, as I think that only someone who deals with anxiety can understand. I’ve really had to come to the place where I have enough hope to cling to when things get bad. And yes, I’m always happy to fit in my routine draining of the hot water tank 🙂

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    1. My husband doesn’t get to shower with me because he doesn’t like the water that hot. He has asked me why I like it so hot. I told him ‘to warm my cold cold heart’. I am also extremely sarcastic 🙂 I’ll be sure to check your blog out. I believe in supporting each other and the more we talk about it the better chance we have at breaking the stigma

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