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In a previous post I stated why I watch specific shows over and over. Well for this journal entry…I thought I would list my top three tv shows.

Grey’s Anatomy.

Yes I am a TGIThursday girl. This sow really pulls at your heart strings (RIP McDreamy, Denny, George, Mark and Lexi…probably some I’m missing) This is one of these shows I can watch over and over and still cry…. My family is actually kind of annoyed with how many times I watch it. It is also part of my routine. It comes on at 3 pm most Monday-Friday afternoons on Lifetime. I put it on in the living room signifying that the kids need to go to the playroom and play because I am about to start dinner. It stays on til about 6 some days 8… When it ends at 6 it lets me know that it is time for the baths… I know I could just look at a clock which I do…don’t get me wrong. It’s just nice to have something on in the background that I know.

Gilmore Girls

I completely adore this show….even though I didn’t start watching it until 2015…years after it had gone off the air.. Thank goodness for Netflix. I have this thing where I don’t watch/listen to something because other people are. However, this show was worth it and I do wish I would’ve watched when everyone else was (When this show was running I was busy watching One Tree Hill instead) I love how fast they talk. The speed of their conversations makes some people go HUH? Like my mom. she has said ‘how do you keep up’ and I am just sitting here like…because I talk/think at the speed at which they are conversing. Its like they’re me. 🙂


I’m not even entirely sure why I like this show. It comes on Monday thru Friday at 7 AM and either stays on til 9 or 10 Am. I put it on so that my daughter will take her morning nap.. She doesn’t get too caught up with TV if its not a cartoon. So she just lays down and naps. I haven’t gotten her to nape in her room without her sister…one step at a time. So she naps on the couch and I can keep an eye on her while I do one of my many things I try to get done in that hour.

Scrubs is a good show tho. Its light hearted but does cover some serious issues. It’s been said to be one of the most accurate portrayals of what a real hospital is like. Its funny and well just an overall decent show.

The runner ups for top 3 because well I can never just settle are:

House M.D

Burn Notice

Royal Pains


One Tree Hill

Once Upon a Time.


So what would be on your top 3?

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8 thoughts on “Favorite shows”

        1. You should check out Kevin probably saves the world…..were currently midway in the first season so you might have to look it up on demand. But I love it

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          1. It deals with depression. The main character moves in with his sister after attempting suicide. Then hrs graced by God as an annointed one

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