Anxiety situations


One thing that I cannot stand is when people tell me ‘you’ll get over it if you just do it.’ They’re actively trying to force me into situations that I’ve very clearly stated give me anxiety.

I know that one way to get over your fear is to face them. But the keyword in that statement is your. Facing a fear should be a journey you take yourself. Yes, this journey is going to be scary as hell and yes during this journey you can and should lean on others. There is no shame in asking for help. Those who truly love you will always be willing to lend their support.

What they should not do is force you to do anything that you’re not ready or not comfortable doing. I know they’re only trying to help but throwing a person with anxiety into a situation that gives them anxiety when they’re not prepared to face it will only make that person more anxious.

Seriously. If you force someone who is has anxiety to do something that gives the anxiety it will not erase that anxiety. It will only cause more anxiety. For instance, I am terrified of roller coasters (didn’t use to be but I am now) They make me have a panic attack. I’ve seen way too many videos about them malfunctioning and people dying or getting seriously hurt. I was forced to get on one (not physically forced but goaded) It did nothing to help me face that anxiety. Instead, It made it worse. I sat there, on that ride feeling how loose the bar really was and how easy it would for me to slip out during the drop. I saw the worst possible outcome during the whole ride. When it was finally over. And I was on solid ground. All I could do was cry. ad shake. And not breath. It was a traumatic experience. I would not want anyone to ever feel like they have to do something because others want you to.

Unfortunately, anxiety is not technically something that can be cured. It is, however, something that you can learn to control. It is a journey. It is your journey and you can take all the time you need.


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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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