Anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression is fighting a battle that you will never see.  Most of the time, we will suffer alone. Considering all of the stigma surrounding mental illness, we tend to be very selective about who we let into our dark world.

The reality is, we are already terrified of letting anyone see our worst self. Because, inside our illness is the worst self esteem, the worst thoughts. Everything is just bad.

So if we choose you…if we open u about our anxiety or depression. Please don’t be that person. That asshat who belittles our fears, our doubts, our inner worst thoughts.

We already feel like the world is against us. We really don’t need you proving that it is true. It feels like shit to be told your feelings don’t matter.

In all honesty, you will never realize how much strength, how much courage it took for someone with mental illness to open up about their demons. If this person even thought that they could. Then they must really trust that you are someone that they can confide in.

I can tell you this from experience, though. The minute that you belittle their thoughts. You degrade them for their illness, is the day that you will never see what is really going on again. The minute that they feel like they’re being judged is the minute they shut down from those people.

I have done it. I should know. I thought that someone was a friend. Opened up about the illness inside. Instead of comforting and being supportive. They literally took my insecurities and turned them against me. They tried to tear apart everything I had worked hard for just by using my mental illness against me. So…. Yea. It really feels like shit when the person you thought was your friend decides to not be your friend.


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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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