Things that give me anxiety

There are way too many things that give me anxiety. But i will list a few… and maybe why they give me anxiety.

Being late.

Oh my god, I cannot stand to be late. Seriously. I would rather be early sitting outside than late rushing. I even get the kids to school early so that they’re one of the first ones out of the car. Hey they get to get in the breakfast line first. Thats when the food is always hot. I feel like if I am late, I will be in trouble or someone is talking about me being late. My brother is notorious for being late. I kind of expect it from him. But I literally cannot do it.

Things I said within 10 minutes.

Should I have said that. The things I say that could possibly hurt someones feelings or possibly make them disappointed in me stays in my haed forever. I think before I speak and then I think about what I said. It is awful.

Things I said a year ago, or even a couple years ago.

I have a pretty good memory. Especially when it comes to the mistakes I have made or the things I have said. So they keep playing in my head over and over and over. There are usually a lot of late nights.

People touching me.

This isn’t all the time. Only when I am super anxious. I love hugging my husband and my kids. I don’t mind people touching me. Except for some reason when I am extremely anxious I just want to shrink away from others and them touching me makes it even worse. The feeling is hard to describe.

Being around a lot of people.

I grew up in a big family so I haven’t always been this way. And I have good days where I don’t have any anxiety at all. There are times where lots of people don’t bother me. But then again. There are the days where going to a crowded store are just so draining.

being yelled at.

I have never been very good at being yelled at. In fact, my mom has only ever had to whoop me once. In my whole life, I think I have been whooped twice. Once by my mom and once by my cousin who was babysitting me. Usually, all my mom has to do is raise her voice at me. it use to be so bad that when my mom would raise her voice I would start to cry. That is why I try to always not mess up around my brother. If he raised his voice at me.. I am pretty sure I would start crying. I do not like being yelled at.

wondering if people are talking about me.

Yeah. I always think people are talking about me. I’m not the prettiest, skinniest, funniest person around. I have a very poor image of myself so I always feel like someone is talking about me and in my head…its never good.

every action that I do

This is pretty self explanatory. I overthink ever thing that I do, everything that I say, etc.

and just about anything else.

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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