Drown out my thoughts


My mom always got onto us for having our music up too loud. She would complain because it gave her a headache. She has never been a hard rock fan.

However, as my anxiety has grown worse, I have found that sometimes having loud music helps drown out all those thoughts.

If I am having an anxious filled day and feel like I need to go for a drive, I put on any cd that I feel in the mood for, crank it up and sing along. Not caring who sees me.

That is except if I am at a stop light…then I am not singing at all. Too embarassing.

I usually do just a big circle around takes maybe 5 songs then I come home feeling a little bit more relieved.

I also turn up loud music when I am anxiously cleaning. That type of cleaning where you take everything out and organize it.

I do find that organizing helps me cope with anxiety most of the time. Does that make me look like I am a little OCD… well maybe. Do I care? Why should I? I mean whatever helps right?

Right now, my CD on repeat is BlackBear. If you haven’t heard Do Re Mi, Old You, 4U, 90210, IDFC and a lot of others. I would deff recommend that you listen to it. I heard him at the FOB concert and fell in love.

Do you have any methods to cope?

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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