My anxiety



Sometimes I feel like my anxiety is preventing me from enjoying the things that I really should at my age and has been for at least 10 years.

Not saying that I don’t do things. It is just that when I am doing them I feel incredibly anxious and I am probably not as outgoing as I should be. Okay, I know that I am not as outgoing as I sohould be.

I love music. It is in the blood. My brothers are good at guitar. My father played all kinds of instruments and was a really good song writer…I hate that we were unable to find the songs he wrote. He even wrote me one. So I love going to see a band live. there is something about an artist who sounds better live than they do on their cd. Like Fall out Boy and Green Day are fantastic live. I could listen to them forever. Once the music starts playing, I am not as anxious as I was before. But waiting for the band to start playing makes me incredibly anxious.

Talking to new people I tend to not do to well. Either I come off incredibly rude or I talk way too much. I mean if you get to know me on a personal level and I feel comfortable with you….I talk a lot. like a whole lot Especially if you get on a subject I am completely passionate about.

So, anyone else feel like their anxiety is preventig them from doing things? What do you do to combat your anxiety?


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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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