I know I talk a lot about the stigma of mental illness. How just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean it isn’t really there. That is all true. But..

In the steps toward healing…

you need to know….

Your mental illness is lying to you!

That voice that tells you that you are stupid… it’s lying. you are brilliant. Even if you are not a genius in math, you could be an excellent writer. You could have mad technological skills. You could be a master in the kitchen. You are not stupid.

That voice that tells you that you are ugly every time you look in the mirror….its lying. You are beautiful. You are unique. You are special. You are far from ugly.

The voice that tells you that you are worthless….it is lying. You mean so much more to the ones around you than you realize. You are worth more than all the leaves one every tree around the world. You are worth more than every coin. You are not worthless.

The voice that says you are weak…oh boy is that voice lying.. You are so strong for getting up every day and fighting the same demons that tried to weigh you down the night before. You may be tired. But you are not weak.

The voice that keeps you from talking about your mind to friends because it says you are a burden….its lying. Let me tell you something about friends. They’re not there because its an automatic thing. Its not like when you’re playing a video game and you given a certain team. No. Your friends are there because they want to. they care about you and they love you. You are not a burden to them. And if they say you are…they were never really your friend in the first place.

When that voice starts to tell you you’re crazy….well it is lying to you. Mental health is a real thing. There is so much stigma around having a mental illness. And just because you have anxiety, depression, etc does not make you crazy.

Then theres the voice that tries to tell you that you are a freak. Ha. that voice is so lying… you are far from being a freak. Gah, I really hate how the stigma surrounding mental health makes everyone feel like they are some kind of freak because they have it. Well, you’re not.

The voice always tries to tell you that you are alone…that voice is lying. There are millions of us suffering from a mental illness, just like you. We may be hesitant to open up about it at first. But we’re with you. I have seen so many people come together and support one another thru their mental journey… It is a beautiful thing. You are not alone. You are never alone.

Finally, there is the voice that tries to keep you under its control and tells you that you are not worthy of recovery, of healing. Boy oh boy is that voice dead wrong. You are worthy of recovery. Hell, you deserve healing. This is your battle. And you are the champion.


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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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