Made up illness

I keep finding myself going back to this stigma that surround mental health. Although I only severely deal with chronic anxiety disorder and maybe some bouts of depressions (okay I might be making that sound nicer than it is…) There is still such a black cloud over anyone who has any issues. I mean a black cloud…not grey not white not just a tinge of black. I mean a full on black cloud…run for cover… mother natures fixing to let loose. tornado warning.. Hurricane season…earthquakes are coming…type of black cloud.

I mean haven’t you guys ever heard anyone say anything negative when they find out you have something wrong with you… not that there is anything wrong with you. this is our normal. Just because it’s not theirs doesn’t give them any right to judge who you are or what you are capable of. And who is to say that they’re normal? What is normal? I mean we weren’t all created exactly the same way. We were processed through some silicone mold where we all have the exact same chemistry in our brains.

They are not perfect. No one is.

I do not care how pretty you are or how rich you are. You are not perfect. You do not smell like a bed of roses. There are some type of skeletons in your closet. I completely understand if they don’t want to let them out. Okay. That is their business. But do not come at me with some type of judgemental crap because I let others know that my skeletons are scary. My skeletons are dangerous. And my skeletons haunt me on a daily basis.

Also….don’t tell me that my skeletons are not real. That I can just get over it. It is not possible. Seriously. I cannot just think away the crap I have been through. I cannot just pray away the abuse. The pain. The scars. The journey I have been through just to be able to tell someone about it.

This is why I really hate this stigma. Like HELLO…you are not perfect. Just because you have some type of amazingly built fortress surrounding your emotional being and you can somehow pretend you’re ‘normal’ doesn’t mean you get to tell someone else who is suffering a real battle that you will never see on a daily basis. Hell an hourly basis or even just moment to moment basis that it is a fake disease. That it is not real. That we made this up. That we want attention. If you ever dealt with anxiety…you would know that it is scarier than anything else. It makes you literally afraid of everything. Lumps the good and the bad together and just calls it all bad. It is time we break the stigma. And I will continue to write. I will continue to rant. I will continue to put my journey on here for everyone to see. I will be a safe place for others to vent. I will do everything that I can to break the stigma, because it is time that my generation is the last geneartion to feel like there is something wrong with them for having skeletons. For having demons. For fighting tooth and nail with their mind every single day.


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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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