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Have you ever had an anxiety attack? Or a panic attack? You know those moments where it feels like you’re drowning and no amount of gasping will allow air back into your lungs? Yeah. That is a severe attack. well mostly. There are many different ways for an anxious person to have an attack.

If mine leads up to not breathing… Then it is pretty bad. I have passed out from an anxiety attack before. I have walked around because it made me feel a little calmer.

If you ever see me talking to someone new…. I don’t stand still. Talking to the public makes me extremely anxious…To the point that I want to cry. I have actually cried a lot. This is the part where I get really personal with you guys. Yay me…Not.

Getting personal can make me want to curl into a ball in a dark corner and hide till everyone else leaves. I never realized how bad my anxiety was until I was sitting at home crying over the slight possibility of working in fast food.

Now there is nothing wrong with fast food. I have worked in fast food before…Before my anxiety has gotten so bad….This is what happens when you don’t get medication… And insurance is extremely expensive.

So I currently stay at home but I need to make money. I haven’t found any work from home jobs that are non phones… So you guys if you have any ideas let me know. I would love to work at home.. And I feel like I need to bring in money for the next step in our life. So I know someone who is willing to give me a job. But there could be a lot of drama there.. They already said that her jobs sucks and she never sees her kids. I don’t think I could handle not having any time with my kids. They are my world.

But sitting here thinking about going to work at this place literally has me in tears in a full blown anxiety attack. I am petrified. I am still hoping I will get a work from home job.. and praying…

So Why do you feel so tired when you have an anxiety attack?
Well that is because roughly 70% of your body is being used during said attack.

That is my interesting fact of the day. Although I could have gone without knowing about how much of a body is used during an attack because I would rather not know about anxiety at all. But this was the hand that I was dealt.

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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