The Road by Eliot B

It is not often that you find underground musical artists not on youtube. That is where I usually go to find my music. And I am kind of behind on new music. Like I just found out about BlackBear and I am totally obsessed with Do Re Mi…If you haven’t listened to it…Then you really should.

Now I am really picky when it comes to music. I mean really nit picky. Like overly picky.  And Eliot…if you’re reading this. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings at all. It is not my intentions to hurt anyone’s feelings, I am just that honest. I do hope you can take any of my criticisms for what they’re worth and move forward…. I never want to hinder someones dreams.


Now lets begin….

The song is only 2 minutes long. Which is a nice length for a starter. A lot of songs are 2  and a half mins to 3 mins.

I think you have a wonderful voice. My only thing is that you can hear the echo of maybe using a home system to record it.  I would work on the opening, the first two lines. The control of your vocals could use a little tweaking. you do great and then it sounds like you’re struggling.

The guitar sounds fabulous. I really enjoy an acoustic song. You have a young Billie Joe Armstrong thing going for you. The only thing that I can suggest is working on your vocal control. and maybe a different system so that there isn’t any echos.


Thank you for allowing me to review your song. For anyone else who wants to give it a listen the link is


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