Panic in public



The crowd is closing in….the air is not reaching your lungs… you start to panic.. your breathing gets shallow… you start to hyperventilate. And now you’re having a panic attack….and in public to say the least.

having a panic attack in public is one of the worst things in the world. Well maybe not the worst things in the entire world….but in the world of an anxious person. It is. Panic attacks make us feel vulnerable. Like we are standing there naked. So having one in a crowded area can make us…or at least me… feel very ashamed.

For me… Having a panic attack is very tiring. They say that when you have a panic attack you use up to 70% of your body. I have also read that someone once said that having a panic attack is as exhausting as running a marathon. Which for me is pretty exhausting. I cannot run. Literally. I cannot run at all. And I don’t say that because I look like a fat cow trying to make the way to the food… no I literally cannot run. I end up hurt somehow. It is awful.

So a panic attack for me is kind of debilitating. I am tired. my eyes feel so heavy. My breathing is shallow and I just want to wrap myself in a big blanket and sleep. Therefore, I try my hardest not to have a panic attack in public. But when it does happen… the first thing that I do is leave. The bathroom can be my best friend in public places…why? Because I even thinking about having a public break down gives me quite the anxiety.


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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

2 thoughts on “Panic in public”

  1. Ugh, I know how exhausting panic attacks can be. My worst ones have lasted hours at a time, and leave me feeling drained for the next few DAYS. It’s awful – and dealing with them in public is so much worse.


    1. It really is. It can be hard to describe to people who don’t understand. And having a panic attack because of your children can leave you feeling even worse. Like today. I had a public panic attack because my 1 year old was throwing a tantrum. I couldn’t let her run around because she would break something and it would end up being something expensive etc etc….and because she was screaming and crying….people wouldn’t stop staring at us and I know they were judging. So we sat in the car and I bawled my eyes out.


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