Sometimes…you just need a friend.


So I have this one friend that my husband is not to thrilled with. Lets just say a couple of years ago, when we first got married, my friend made an inappropriate request… and my husband asked me not to talk to him. It wasn’t some kind of demand and it was more of a  ‘hey I don’t like the fact that he thinks he can talk to you like that and it would make me more comfortable if you didn’t speak to him’.

So I didn’t… for a while.

But the thing is…although he messed up that one time… I missed him.

He is that type of friend that never judges you…like ever.

Unfortunately, I have anxiety disorder and things are hard for me sometimes.. Especially when I need someone to talk to. I know I have my husband in my support system and my mom…but other than this guy… I only have one other friend who understands that I am weird and doesn’t judge me.

So I had to tell my husband…hey I need you to be okay with this because I need to surround myself with people who do not judge and can help me cope. And guess what….since it is such an easy request and I was up front and honest. My husband is going to give knowing this guy another chance…

Baby steps….

See I use to hang out with this guy a lot… I’ve known him going on 11 years I think…Well one time… I just had a tough day and couldn’t hold in my anxiety attack…not even an ounce… What did he do.. he pulled over (we were driving around) and just let me freak out…There was tears and snot all over his shirt but he didn’t care. And when I was capable of speaking and being somewhat calm. he asked me simple questions… did not judge and just let me be me.

So…if you have a mental illness…. I cannot stress how important a support system is.. It is very important. You need people around you that understand what you’re going thru (not in a sense that they’ve been there but rather that they get it) and they don’t judge you. We just need to feel cared for.

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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