Potato soup with chicken and carrots

I am a sucker for good potato soup. Its warm and creamy. The perfect cold weather food. So I wanted to try adding some things to this already wonderful dish.

What you’ll need:

1 lb chicken (cut and cooked…I threw mine into a foil packet in the oven with some seasons….juicy)

2 cans cream of chicken soup

1 pack cream cheese (softened)

14 oz chicken broth

Carrors (this depends on how much is too much for your taste…I love carrots so I added quite a bit)

6 to 8 large potatoes (peeled and diced)

Boil your potatoes.

Once done take half of them and mash them. Like you normally would. This time I used a little bit of butter and heavy cream because I wanted it extra creamy….this helps to thicken the soup.

Take the other half into a pot with the broth, cream of chicken soup and the carrots. Let this simmer for just a bit. Stirring occasionally.

Add the mashed potatoes.

Slowly add the cream cheese stirring to mix it it.

Let this cook for about 15 to 20 mins.

Then TADA soup.


Anxiety can be overwhelming


I know I am safe and I know I am loved. However, it doesn’t always feel that way.

Two years ago, I was in a pretty bad car accident. Some people say it wasn’t so bad because I could walk out of my car. That is after a nice man yanked the door open for me.

I was sitting at a stop light. Minding my own business. Listening to music at a decent volume when I heard this loud bang and everything went crazy. The only thing I could yell at the time was stop.

I wanted it to stop. I wanted to stop. Here I am in my car being shoved into the right side turning lane (which in the end was a blessing) my glasses flew off my head, my milk shake (which I had been craving for all morning…I was about 4 to 6 weeks pregnant at the time) went flying into the windshield. Everything went flying.

This guy was high and I believe the cop said intoxicated…it was 8 am. He hit me and 3 other cars doing 45 mph. Mind you we were all at a stop light. One guy got really lucky and only got side swiped losing a mirror. Another woman and I had to go to the hospital. My car was totaled. The gas tank was ruptured, half of the windows were shattered and my axel was snapped. If that gives you any clue of how bad it was. I still feel pain in my lower back and hips from how I was seated.

Fast forward 2 years and I’ve only been on that road twice. It scares the crap out of me to go back to that intersection. Everytime I drive I am terrified someone isn’t going to stop. That I am going to get hit again and what if it’s worse. Everytime I see a car coming up behind me and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down I get scared.


I know to some people this sounds completely irrational. But it’s not. This is real to me. This fear is real to me. There are a ton of other examples of what fears my anxiety has. It’s gotten so bad that I say there me and then there’s the anxious me. We’re both the same person but we’re not. The me part wants to do things. Wants to go places see new people. Then the anxious me says nope and lists off a bunch of reasons why I shouldn’t.


There’s a reason my blog isn’t under my real name or why I only share it on certain social media platforms. I have family members who don’t believe me. Who says its all in my head. That I can pray myself different. They don’t undestand and they don’t try to. Its not real to them.

If you have these kinds of people in your life….I’m sorry. I would never cast judgement like that on you. Ever. If you have an experience you’d like to share…please leave me a comment. Its always nice to know you’re not alone. I will reply to every comment. Thank you for listening.

Meatball parm and rice

I am a sucker for a good dump and bake meal. It’s quick and easy and well I have a one year old that gets into pretty much everything so I have to keep a close eye on her. In a previous post I showed you how I made my famous meatballs and how I came to this recipe. Well, I am going to use them in another recipe. What you’ll need: Meatballs Quick rice. (I use the boil in bag rice. I find that it cooks very nice in these type of recipes) 2 jars marinara sauce 1 packet Italian seasoning 1/2 cup or more parmesan cheese 1/2 cup or more mozeralla cheese Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F I used 2 bags of that rice and put it into a baking dish. Add Italian seasoning Add one jar of marinara sauce. And your meatballs then the remainder of the sauce. Top with cheese and bake for 30 to 45 minutes. It’ll be worth the wait.

Meatballs…to die for

So when I was in the 10th grade we studied all of the genocides that have occured. It was a heartbreaking, eye opening segment in our English class. However, we were each assigned one genocide. I had the Bosnian genocide. For our final project we had a potluck where we all make one dish from that country. I have used this recipe for my meatballs for years. And somehow my mother always knows when I’m making them so shes over for dinner. What you need: 1 lb ground beef 1 package of sausage 1/2 cup bread crumbs 1 egg Salt/pepper to taste. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Put all ingredients into a bowl. Mix them together but you dint want to mix too much or you’ll turn your meatballs into rubbery balls. And Thats gross to eat. Roll the mixture into balls. Place in a baking dish. Bake until done. The meatballs can be used in any meal and can be frozen to used later. But we usually never have any left over I cannot stess enough how important it is to wash your hands before and after dealing with food or raw meat. You touch so many things that can contain germs and you dont really want to transfer germs to the food you’re going to eat or feed others. You also don’t want to have raw meat on your hands and touch your eye or something. Sorry for the gross tidbit

Baked nachos

Okay. I like nachos. They’re pretty good. Versatile. Pretty much everyone enjoys them. Even my picky eater asked for seconds. A rare occurrence. What you’ll need: 1 lb ground beef 1 pack taco season Tortilla chips Cheese Diced tomatoes. Preheat the oven to 350 defrees F Brown the ground beef as you normally would with any other meal. Season with salt and pepper. When brown, drain. Add taco seasoning according to the package. While the meat with seasoning is simmering, place a layer of tortilla chips in a baking dish. Add a layer of meat, some tomatoes, cheese. Repeat layer until meat is gone and dish is full. Bake until cheese is bubbly. Here is where this meal gets flexible. I wanted to eat mine with lettuce and sour cream. However, my mother was over watching my youngest daughter made them a baked potato and used up the last of my sour cream. 😦 so i tried it with ranch and it was pretty yummy.

Pretending is the hardest


Isn’t that the truth.

The funny thing is. Many people probably don’t notice you have something wrong. I find myself having to explain my constant moving when I’m talking or my constant apologizing because I have anxiety. But let me say I have depression and they’ll just tell me to cheer up. Telling a depressed person to cheer up is like telling the moon not to rise at night. Its imposible sometimes. We just got to go thru the motions.


Its a funny thing how everyone seems to perceive people with mental illness as weak. If you cannot tell they have something wrong then they are way stronger than you think. They are working that much harder so that you don’t see it. Why? Maybe they don’t want to burden you. Maybe they dont want to be rejected. Maybe they’ve tried this before and its difficult.

So what should you do? If you know someone with a mental illness.

Be there. Like really be there. They need that ride or die person who is going to help them battle the world. Which to them is a lot scarier than it is to you.

Listen. Really listen. Full attention. As someone who deals with anxiety and sometimes depression it would be nice to talk to someone close who isn’t going to judge me or make it feel like Im burdening them.

Don’t judge. Like ever. Judging a person with mental illness when they open up to you is more than likely going to make them shut you out from their head, from their demons. And plus it is never ok to judge someone.

Everyone needs a friend. Someone who will understand. And if you know someone who suffers from a mental illness and you want to be there. Do some research. Learn ways to help them cope. Anyone reading this….if you’re having a hard time. Comment below. I will be there to help you cope.

Depression is sometimes hard to see

We all know that we lost Chester Bennington to death by suicide. It has been a hard thing for many of his fans, including myself, to come to terms with. Let alone his family and friends.


Although, Chester spoke about the demons in his head quite often. We didn’t always see them. He was a happy person. Or at least that is the persona he put out. Which we all thought was fine. He made us smile. He understood our pain. He spoke the words that were too hard for us to mutter. Chester truly spoke for a generation.


If it was this hard to see the signs of what was to come, then are we missing something from our own family and friends? One thing that has come from these tragic events is the out pouring of people speaking up. We are breaking the silence. We are saying ‘Hey I have a mental illness and it’s ok’. For too long, people have feared those who have mental illness’s. For too long, these people have been picked on, judged or told they need to be put away. That’s not okay. We are human. We are people and we are just like everyone else.


If we missed Chester’s signs, could we miss yours? Please don’t let us miss your signs. We  are here to help. We are here to listen. We are here to lend a helping hand. This blog will never be judgmental. This blog will never have negative comments towards those asking for help. This blog will always be a safe place for you to talk. Please feel free to comment. If you see a comment and know some information that will help, please share. Let’s open this discussion up and provide each other with a safe place. I admit, I have had my share of depressed days. Days where I don’t want to do anything. Days I just want to sleep. Days where the overwhelming sadness takes over and everything is gray and black. You’re not alone. I am here for you.

Thank you!