Pretending is the hardest


Isn’t that the truth.

The funny thing is. Many people probably don’t notice you have something wrong. I find myself having to explain my constant moving when I’m talking or my constant apologizing because I have anxiety. But let me say I have depression and they’ll just tell me to cheer up. Telling a depressed person to cheer up is like telling the moon not to rise at night. Its imposible sometimes. We just got to go thru the motions.


Its a funny thing how everyone seems to perceive people with mental illness as weak. If you cannot tell they have something wrong then they are way stronger than you think. They are working that much harder so that you don’t see it. Why? Maybe they don’t want to burden you. Maybe they dont want to be rejected. Maybe they’ve tried this before and its difficult.

So what should you do? If you know someone with a mental illness.

Be there. Like really be there. They need that ride or die person who is going to help them battle the world. Which to them is a lot scarier than it is to you.

Listen. Really listen. Full attention. As someone who deals with anxiety and sometimes depression it would be nice to talk to someone close who isn’t going to judge me or make it feel like Im burdening them.

Don’t judge. Like ever. Judging a person with mental illness when they open up to you is more than likely going to make them shut you out from their head, from their demons. And plus it is never ok to judge someone.

Everyone needs a friend. Someone who will understand. And if you know someone who suffers from a mental illness and you want to be there. Do some research. Learn ways to help them cope. Anyone reading this….if you’re having a hard time. Comment below. I will be there to help you cope.

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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