Depression is sometimes hard to see

We all know that we lost Chester Bennington to death by suicide. It has been a hard thing for many of his fans, including myself, to come to terms with. Let alone his family and friends.


Although, Chester spoke about the demons in his head quite often. We didn’t always see them. He was a happy person. Or at least that is the persona he put out. Which we all thought was fine. He made us smile. He understood our pain. He spoke the words that were too hard for us to mutter. Chester truly spoke for a generation.


If it was this hard to see the signs of what was to come, then are we missing something from our own family and friends? One thing that has come from these tragic events is the out pouring of people speaking up. We are breaking the silence. We are saying ‘Hey I have a mental illness and it’s ok’. For too long, people have feared those who have mental illness’s. For too long, these people have been picked on, judged or told they need to be put away. That’s not okay. We are human. We are people and we are just like everyone else.


If we missed Chester’s signs, could we miss yours? Please don’t let us miss your signs. We  are here to help. We are here to listen. We are here to lend a helping hand. This blog will never be judgmental. This blog will never have negative comments towards those asking for help. This blog will always be a safe place for you to talk. Please feel free to comment. If you see a comment and know some information that will help, please share. Let’s open this discussion up and provide each other with a safe place. I admit, I have had my share of depressed days. Days where I don’t want to do anything. Days I just want to sleep. Days where the overwhelming sadness takes over and everything is gray and black. You’re not alone. I am here for you.

Thank you!



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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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