Anxiety…it’s a battle


I typically scroll thru pinterest as I’m waiting in line to get the kids out of school and I pass by some of these images. I think to myself…these are perfect examples. I can use these to write about. To break the stigma of anxiety. It seems like everyone is so fast to tell you to calm down. It’s all in your head. Well they’re right. It is in your head. As in a chemical imbalance. It is nothing you have done. So please don’t blane yourself.

I freak out a lot. It use to be more verbal. But now I usually have this argument in my head. I have spent many conversations with people telling me how to act or what to do so I don’t have an attack. Let me tell you they’re crap.

A couple years ago I was in a car accident. Some idiot decided not to stop at the red light and hit the back of my car and a few others. It was awful.

As I was sitting in the ambulance, heading to the hospital, the emt told me to calm down. She was working on the other woman in the ambulance who had neck pain and saw me hyperventilating. I did what she said to do with my breathing. Even tho I told her it would make things worse. Wanna know what happened? My blood pressure went thru the roof. So I went back to my hyperventilating until I was able to cope.

I have been dealing with anxiety for over 10 years. I’ve only been diagnosed ten years ago but I know its been longer. There are some things that I’ve suppressed. That I’ve coped with. Things that still bother me today but I try my best not to think about. Like the me too movement on social media. I have dealt with things of that nature at a very young age. It took over ten years to even talk about it. And sometimes I feel like my family forgot or thinks I made it up.

Anxiety will get you like that. When you think you’ve forgotten, its right there to remind you of the things that have happened and what can happen.

If you have anxiety or depression or any mental illness, please feel free to comment. I promise I will not judge. I will be as I’ve always tried to be an open ear. We need to break the stigma on mental illness and we can! One discussion at a time

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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