Riverdale Season 2 Premiere. October 11, 2017

I have been waiting months for the second season of Riverdale to come on. I absolutely adore Jughead. I have watched Cole Sprouse since he was so little.



I love how Jughead narrates the series. Sprouse’s voice is so calming yet keeps you on your seats.  Archie driving his dad to the hospital while his dad is bleeding to death really pulls at the heartstrings.  No child should watch their parent get shot.  I really hope Fred pulls through  He really was a great father.

Fred dreams about Archie’s graduation, where he’s told he didn’t live to see his son graduate.  We are left wondering what is going on as the camera pulls back with Archie watching  as they work on his dad.

The next scene is Betty and her mom talking about Jughead and what they did or didn’t do after the jubilee. She receives the phone call from Archie about his dad.  Betty calls Veronica and Jughead.  They all race to the hospital to be with Archie.  Archie tells the story of what happened in the dinner, the end of season 1. Poor Archie is covered in blood. I absolutely adore Sprouse in this show.

After the commercial break, the cop comes to talk to Archie about what happened. Jughead tags along. Jughead asks what if it wasn’t a robbery, what if it was someone who had a grudge against Archie’s dad.

Archie tells Jughead away from the cops that maybe the Serpents are responsible since his dad had to fire them.  The doctor comes out and tells Archie that they were able to get the bullet out of his dad but he isn’t breathing on his own.

We are then transported back into Fred’s dream. Again, there is the luminous factor of Fred being dead but he doesn’t realize it. I wonder if this alludes to Fred actually dying. Would the writers have him be in a coma for a while? Or would they have him die by the end of the episode? Honestly, I hope he pulls through. He’s one of the good parents on the show.

It’s a good thing that Archie went home.  That poor dog probably needs some food or something. I agree with Veronica. Archie needs a shower, not cool being covered in blood. Gross. It’s cute how Veronica and Archie walk Vegas together.

Jughead calls the Serpents to the hospital so that he could ask them for a favor. He is asking that they find who shot Fred’s dad.

Archie finally takes a shower. We get to see his lovely abs. However, isn’t that a cast that he is wearing? I thought you weren’t supposed to get those wet.  Veronica is being very bold sneaking into the bathroom and shower to be with Archie. They haven’t been a couple all that long. Come on Veronica, you’re going to get in the shower with pearls on??? Archie still has blood on his hands.

Why is Cheryl in the hospital? What happened to Cheryl’s mom? I thought that her and her mother were outside the mansion as it burned? How did they she receive burns if she was outside?  Unless they’re trying to keep up the lie so that they can get the insurance money to build a new house.


How is Fred’s wallet missing? Who stole it? Archie is lashing out. It is understandable. But you should at least apologize. Veronica is trying to help. Veronica is exactly what he needs right now.

The sheriff got a line up pretty fast for Archie to check.  Poor Archie.  I am dearly hoping that Veronica’s parents didn’t have anything to do with the shooting.  I quite enjoy Jughead on a motorcycle.  I think I am going to get distracted by Jughead.

Veronica talks to her mother about them possibly putting a hit on Fred. Which is another plausible course. Archie finally gets to see his dad and is told to only talk about good things. We slip back into Fred’s dream world where him and Archie are back in pops. Archie is showing him a ring and telling him that he’s getting married. Pop shows up and Fred is starting to bleed again.

Jughead and Betty arrive at Pop’s and ask him about what he saw. The guy had shot Fred didn’t take a single dollar.  This only further assures Jughead’s belief that the shooting was a hit. I love how Pop asks if Betty and Jughead are hungry.  Betty says No thanks and Jughead says he’s always hungry. That was a nice moment in this massive dark season premiere.

Jughead reassures Betty that he isn’t a Serpent. However, I don’t think that she believe him very much. This is going to be an interesting season for this couple.

Cheryl is seriously sadistic. I would be terrified to be around her. Seriously. She cut the oxygen off from her own mother.

Archie feels like he was a coward. But I see it like if he would have tried anything, he could have been killed.  Kiss of Life? Cheryl is one strange character.  Archie walks into his dad’s room where he see Cheryl kissing his dads forehead. Cheryl says that Archie gave him the kiss of life at the lake and now she’s passing it on to Fred.

Another one of Fred’s dream worlds where the shooter makes an appearance. Before he can get shot, he wakes up to see Archie. At least he hasn’t died.  Yet. I have watched a lot of Doctor shows and I know something can go wrong and he could possibly die of post surgical complications. But hey, here’s hoping nothing happens.  I just thought about it. Maybe Cheryl was right about the kiss of life thing.

I still think that Bughead (Betty and Jughead) is the cutest thing ever.  The serpents worked really fast about trying to get some answers.  However, I think Jughead is getting in over his head.

We finally see Veronica’s dad. Why is her mom so afraid of her dad? Oh yeah that’s right. He has connections. On a completely different note.. If I drank my parents alcohol I would be dead.

I can relate with Archie quite a bit. With my anxiety I worry about someone breaking into my house again. There have been many nights I don’t sleep for this reason.

So the robber is killing the music teacher. Fabulous. What does the teacher and Fred have in common? I guess we will have to wait til next week.

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