What is Anxiety?

Well here I am starting a blog and putting myself out there. It is a little difficult for me but here I am.

What is anxiety? We hear this word all the time. People say that they’re feeling anxious or that their anxiety is high. But what does this mean  Well, anxiety is pretty much just a general term that is used for several disorders.  These disorders cause nervousness, fear, apprehension and worrying.  Anxiety and the underlying disorders affect how we feel and behave.  They can also manifest real physical symptoms.

Unfortunately, people who suffer from anxiety disorder hear a lot of negative remarks.  For instance, I have heard that it is all in my head. That I can change my thinking and not be so worried anymore.  That I could turn my brain off so I am no longer anxious.  My personal favorite is that I can pray my anxiety away.

I am here to advocate for anyone who feels that they need to hide, that it is okay.  Having anxiety is okay. It does not make you a bad person or an inadequate parent.  In fact, having my girls caused my anxiety to skyrocket.  I was diagnosed with anxiety order over ten years ago.  While I do have a brother who overcame his anxiety, I have not been able to.

I am going to try to post multiple times a week to document my journey of motherhood and my battle with anxiety.  Please feel free to leave comments, questions, share your story or struggles. I want mothers to uplift each other.

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Anxiety can be a battle, but you don't have to go it alone. Plus I like to cook, take photographs and review shows

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